6 Beauty Hacks That Are Guaranteed To Help You Get Ready Quicker.

I think it’s fair to say most of us can hold our hands up and admit we’re not terribly quick at getting ready. No matter how long you give us to get dressed and do our makeup, we’ll most likely still be doing it when it’s time to leave. The thing is, it’s not entirely our fault. Certain parts of a normal beauty routine just take a long time, and it’s hard to speed them up without compromising our look. What if I told you there were some ideas and tips out there that can help you speed up your beauty routine without messing up the results? Sounds impossible, right? Well, it’s true, there are lots of sneaky hacks and tips you can use to do this. To make your life even easier, I’ve listed my favourite ones down below..

6 Beauty Hacks

Get Some Dry Shampoo

Make no mistake about it, washing your hair is an essential part of your beauty routine. However, it’s often the thing that takes the most time and causes you to be late for every single thing ever. But, you can decrease the time it takes to wash your hair with some dry shampoo. The concept with this product is simple; you can use it to clean your hair without water. This means there’s no need to go to the shower, wash your hair, then spend ages waiting for it to dry. You won’t need to get the hairdryer out, and it greatly reduces the time it takes to get ready. It’s not something you should use all the time, as it can be bad to use this type of shampoo every day. But, in those moments where you need to get ready fast, but your hair needs washing, dry shampoo comes in very handy.

Use A Hair Straightening Brush

Straightening your hair can take up a huge portion of your beauty routine. First, you need to give it a brush to get rid of any knots and tangles. Then, you have to wait for your straightener to warm up before finally using it and carefully straightening your hair. Now, you can cut the time it takes to do all of this in half with a hair straightening brush. This is a neat little brush that detangles and straightens your hair at the same time. Find yourself the best hair straightening brush, and you’ll have something that heats up in seconds and comes with safety features to ensure you never burn yourself. With one of these, you won’t have to do two things as part of the same process. There’s no need to spend ages brushing your hair before straightening, it can all be done in one easy motion.

Set Your Makeup Out The Night Before

How many of you have wasted time in the morning rifling through your makeup bag/box looking for something? I do it all the time, and it’s such a pointless way to waste time getting ready. Instead, you should take everything out of your bag/box the night before. Set it all out on your dressing table – or wherever you sit/stand to get ready – and it will be there for you when you need it. There’ll be no need to rifle through things wasting precious seconds or minutes. It takes the stress out of getting ready, and you’ll be done a lot quicker too.

Moisturize As You Wash

For those days where you need to shower and wash before you go out, you can waste less time by moisturizing in the shower. There are loads of great moisturizers out there that you can use while you shower. Some are face washes with built-in moisturizers, others are specific creams that work when you’re wet. Either way, you get to hydrate your face and get it ready for makeup while you’re washing at the same time. This means you don’t have to get out the shower, dry yourself off, then use a moisturizer after to set a base for your foundation. It’s a quick little tip, but it makes a huge difference when you look at the entirety of your makeup routine.

Create A Routine

One of the best ways to speed up your beauty routine is to actually create a proper routine that you’ll follow every day. Get out the notes app on your phone or take a sheet of scrap paper and note down everything that you aim to do. Put everything there in bullet points, so they provide you with different steps to follow. This provides your mornings with more structure, meaning you’ll know exactly what to do and in what order. This is one of those tips that doesn’t sound like it will do much, but it really makes a difference to how quickly you get ready.

Pick Your Outfit Beforehand

If you’re like me, then one of your biggest problems is spending ages deciding what to wear. You could easily blitz through your hair & makeup routine with the tips I’ve provided above. However, it may still take you another half hour or so to decide what you’re going to wear as you try loads of different clothes on. The easiest thing to do is decide beforehand and have an outfit ready. If you need to go somewhere in the morning, pick your outfit the night before. If you’re going out during the day/evening, pick the outfit hours, maybe even days in advance. Try it on while you pick it too, so you know exactly how it looks and if you’re satisfied with it. This will stop you from taking years to choose what to wear, and you’ll be out the door in no time.

Right, these are my tip beauty hacks to help you get ready quicker every single morning, afternoon, evening – whenever. No matter where you’re going, you’ll find all these tips helpful in speeding up the process. So, no one can ever complain about you taking forever to get ready! It’ll be weird at first – actually being ready on time for everything – but you’ll soon realize it’s way less stressful than rushing out the door with seconds to spare.

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