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5 Places On My Travel Bucket List.

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I have been really lucky that in my life, I have travelled to some incredible places. Especially since being in a relationship with Aaron, we’ve been on some incredible city breaks including London, Amsterdam, Paris & Rome and we’ve also done more relaxing holidays where we have visited Majorca, Tunisia, Mexico, Greece & Cyprus! I also went abroad a lot when I was younger, mainly to Majorca which, if i’m honest, is my all time favourite destination. This year we are actually going on our FIRST family holiday abroad to the Greek island of Halkidiki, and I can’t bloody wait. It’s going to be a whole different ball game going away with a fifteen month old (I can’t believe that’s how old Teddy will be when we go, SOB!) but I am so excited for him to experience new things and travel to amazing new places.

I have been lusting over so many places for years now & I thought I would share some of my favourites, some family friendly & some maybe not so much… From spending two weeks in Disneyland Florida to a once in a lifetime trip to San Diego  mansions (one of my all time dream destinations!) Here are my top five places I hope to tick off my bucket list!


Who doesn’t dream of spending a week in this amazing city?! Me & my Sister have always said we’d love to go at Christmas time, I don’t know which one of us is planning on selling a kidney or two, but hey! Dream big kids, dream big. I feel like this is somewhere i’d love for me & Aaron to go when the kids have all fucked off and left home, I say that with so much love I promise.. The food, the sights, THE FOOD… What more could a girl want? I am currently re-watching FRIENDS now it is on Netflix and it’s made me want to go even more!


Now this is a holiday that will definitely be happening once Teddy is a little older & understands a bit more. Lapland looks like the most magical place ever and so beautiful! I’d love to go at Christmas time and visit Santa, see the reindeers and enjoy a husky ride. It’s a holiday that you really would remember forever. I have wanted to visit here for years but part of me was always saving it for when we have Children and they could experience the wonder of it.


I suppose we would take Teddy… JOKES, obviously we would, i’m not a complete monster! Aaron actually surprised me with a city break to Paris for my 21st birthday and we visited Disneyland Paris whilst we were there and as a huge, and I mean HUGE, Disney fan this was at the top of my bucket list and I couldn’t believe I had crossed it off. That being said, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t jump at the chance to go again & even better that we will get to take Teddy! I’d love to go to Disneyworld at some point obviously but there was something so special about Paris….


I don’t know what it is but I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland, mainly Dublin. Possibly something to do with that mighty fine accent, but don’t tell Aaron that, he’ll start attempting to do it around the house..
I feel like this will be a lovely weekend break for just me & Aaron (in about twenty years time..) and we can do some shopping, visit Dublin Castle and just take our sweet ass time exploring the city. No crying babies, no boob breaks.. bliss. One day lads, one day.


Now I have already been to Mexico, when I was 21 and absolutely loved it! I’m not the biggest fan of flying, which some people find hard to believe when I’ve flown quite a few times, but it’s just not my favourite thing to do. It’s a case of I know if I didn’t fly, i’d never go anywhere so I just kind of suck it up and deal with it. Going on a 10 hour flight was a huge deal for me and I honestly did a little happy dance when I got off the plane.
We did so many amazing things in Mexico, we went on a bar crawl around Cancun, which is REALLY unlike us and we enjoyed it maybe a little too much. We swam with dolphins, visited Xel-Ha (an eco water park!) and took full advantage of the all inclusive cocktails all day every day. The long flight does put me off taking young children but I think once Teddy (and any future baby) is older and understands that we are on that plane for 10 hours whether they like it or not, i’d love to go back as a family!
I have a whole list of places i’d love to visit but I thought five was enough for this post! I’d love to know which places are on your travel bucket list? Is there anywhere you’d especially love to go as a family?
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