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We have owned our own house now for three years and it’s only the past few months that we’ve really put our stamp on it. When we first moved in it had all been re-plastered and nobody wants to spend their days looking at ugly ass brown walls, so we just painted everywhere white and it stayed like that for longer than we’d have liked, but white is just so easy! We have spent the past six months, going around every room in the house (except Teddy’s room because we did this before he arrived & the bathroom because we need to SAVE our asses off to get a whole new suite) and painted it & decorated in colours we actually like and that add a little something more to our home. It has definitely felt a lot more homely since. Contrary to popular belief (I jest) we aren’t millionaires and we prefer to save our pennies where we can.



One of my favourite additions to our home is adding a range of prints & posters to the walls. There are so many different websites you can order them from but my absolute favourite is Desenio. They are a Swedish-based company that offer the highest quality prints & frames. They make finding prints for your home really easy due to their website and suggested layouts, for if you are lacking inspiration. They give you the option to have a look at co-ordinated groups of prints that will look amazing together. They have a whole host of prints start from only £2.95, there really is something for everyone’s budget. If you spend over £29 you also receive free delivery!

When my prints & frames arrived I was so impressed by the quality of the packaging, they came really well protected. The posters came rolled in up a cardboard tube and the frames had plenty of padding around them to make sure they were transported safely. All I had to do was unroll the prints, unclip the frames & place the prints inside, before reapplying the clips. Et voila! Super quick and easy with no faff.

Our living room has one wall behind the sofa with nothing on it, just a plain wall so I knew instantly I wanted to inject some subtle colour to it. It’s such a large space and it was definitely missing something. I knew I didn’t want anything too “in-your-face” so I was on the hunt for the perfect prints that would just add a little something special. I also knew I wanted wooden frames as it would match our fireplace and TV unit, they’d just round off the room nicely. 


I decided to go for one A3 print and two A4’s just to make a little feature wall but nothing to busy or cluttered. The first print I was picked was The Bed Of Flowers I loved the subtle pink colour and knew it would match the room perfectly. I’m also a huge lover of quotes on prints, especially ones that mean something to me which is why I opted for the It’s Not What We Have & Breathe . Our home is very much a family home now and sometimes it’s easy to forget that, at the end of the day, family is all that matters & I’d much rather share a home with people I love than filled with possessions I don’t care about! I picked the BREATHE print mainly because if I’m having a particularly bad anxiety or mummy day, I just need to remember that “this too shall pass” & just to take a breath.
The oak frames are such good quality and feel a lot more expensive than they are. They come with lightweight and shatter proof Plexiglas which when you have a baby & cats, is perfect. The last thing you want is broken glass everywhere when you have little feet and paws to look after.

I also picked up some of the Gold Frames for prints that we previously had for our dining room. We have recently redecorated in there and I was in desperate need for some gold frames, but I struggled to find any affordable ones until I saw these on Desenio! They are such good quality and exactly what I wanted.

Desenio are offering 30% discount on all posters when you spend £60, the discount is valid up until the 2nd January! (Not including handpicked, collaboration posters or frames).


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