Introducing Your Baby To Textures – Baby Weaning With HiPP Organic.


If you read my first weaning post “Getting Started – Baby Weaning With HiPP Organic” you will know that we have introduced Teddy to foods! It’s a very slow process and not at all what I expected, much like everything else in motherhood. We are predominately doing baby led weaning but also doing jars every so often when we are in a rush or on-the-go. Teddy loved trying the Stage 1 Savoury Jars so I couldn’t wait to see how he took to our next package of goodies!

Teddy was sent a selection of jars from HiPP Organic Stage 2 & Stage 3 range, which are suitable from 7m+, these are a great way to introduce your baby to textures and lumps, especially if you aren’t taking the BLW route and are still a little apprehensive about gagging ect. I still sit on the end of my seat whenever Teddy is eating, I have relaxed slightly but it’s still nerve wracking. These jars are also a great way for your baby to learn the art of chewing! We introduced Teddy to solids straight away so he took to these jars brilliantly.

Teddy was sent 6 delicious jars to try & we definitely found some firm favourites. Teddy prefers feeding himself, so I opted to load the spoon for him (otherwise the bowl would have been thrown around everywhere) and he shovelled it in! By shovelled I mean, rubbed it along his cheek until he found his mouth, he hasn’t quite got his aim right…


The Jars We Received:

  • Green Vegetables With Cous Cous & Turkey (this was his absolute favourite!)
  • Mashed Potato With Beef
  • Cheesy Spinach Tagliatelle
  • Wholemeal Spaghetti With Vegetables
  • Potatoes, Tomato & Chicken
  • Pasta Bake With Fish

One thing I love about the HiPP Organic jars is that their are no hidden ingredients, it’s all natural & organic. Shop bought baby food is known for having adding fruit to make it sweeter and more appealing to little ones (due to the fact that babies have a naturally sweet tooth), which isn’t a good thing. We choose to give Teddy plenty of fruit & veg as finger foods and in his meals when we can!

The good thing about the jars is that they are jam packed with different vegetables and you don’t have to worry about buying fresh fruit & vegetables every week due to them being quite expensive and a lot gets wasted. Cous Cous is something that I would never think to make but he LOVED the Green Vegetables With Cous Cous & Turkey, so it’s definitely something I will buy again in the future. To make sure that the vegetables keep all their natural goodness, they are steamed rather than boiled.


I found the Mashed Potato With Beef to be the thinnest texture of them all, which Teddy wasn’t a fan of, but these would be perfect for a baby that is only just being introduced to thicker, lumpier textures. The Cheesy Spinach Pasta was a firm favourite with lumps of pasta that were really soft and easy for Teddy to chew. We have given him pasta before when we have had it for tea and he ate plenty then, so I knew he’d like this.

The jars have a new & improved design with a much wider neck, making it easier to get every last bit of food out, making sure there isn’t any wasted. The jars are also 100% recyclable, however we have actually cleaned some of ours out and have been using them around the home. I have stored some of Teddy’s cutlery in one & also house some cotton buds in another! I have included some of my favourite ideas from Pinterest to help give you a little inspiration.




HiPP Organic has provided a really useful infographic full of tips & advice on introducing your baby to lumpier textures as like I said, it can be quite daunting for parents! It explains all about the ingredients used in their baby food & the benefits/skills your child will develop.


If you would like to give the HiPP Organic jars a go, I have been provided with a unique discount code for all my readers! Just follow this LINK , print off the voucher and hand it over at the checkout next time you are buying baby food in the shops, to receive money of the HiPP Organic Savoury Jars.
Teddy absolutely loves to try all the different flavours and tastes, I know this brand will definitely be our go to when we need easy, quick & nutritional meals for him. 
*Teddy & I are a part of the HiPP Organic’ Moments Team & received these jars in exchange for review. All opinions and thoughts are my own & 100% honest.

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