Christmas Stories For Babies & Toddlers.


If you have read my blog for a while you will know that I am a huge book lover and I am hoping that he will follow on in my footsteps. As soon as we found out we were expecting a baby I started ordering books & one of the first things we put up in his nursery were his little bookshelves (which are actually picture ledges from Ikea). Once we started getting closer to December & the bookshops started getting their Christmas books in, I went online to The Works & took full advantage of their online exclusive 10 Books For £10 offer & picked up a whole host of festive stories! I did pick up some non-Christmassy books that are wrapped and ready in his Santa sack, that you can see in my Christmas Gift Guide For Babies & Toddlers post. I also picked up a selection of books from Amazon (Amazon is my go to for books as they are usually a lot cheaper than in bookstores).

We take the time out everyday to read at least one book, it isn’t always before bed as he gets really worked up after his bath (he expects boob as soon as his ass touches the towel, not realising we need to get him dried & ready for bed first) so I tend to do it in the afternoon before his dinner or just after his afternoon nap, just because he’s at his most relaxed and chilled. I know he doesn’t have a clue what i’m on about but he loves giggling when I do silly voices for the characters and he enjoys looking at the pictures (& bashing the pages about). I just love snuggling up together under a blanket and having a read with him. I thought I would share some the Christmas stories I have picked up that are suitable for babies & toddlers.


The bulk of the 10 for £10 offer is Christmas books & it was so hard trying to pick a selection, mainly because I wanted them all, however I already know his book selection is a smidge excessive for a baby who can’t even read yet. I absolutely love “Penguins Can’t Fly“, the illustrations are beautiful! I’m also a huge lover of penguins & the first soft toy we ever bought Teddy was a grey penguin from The White Company (we actually took it to the hospital with us & it has such a special place in my heart). “Williams Winter Wish” is full of lovely bright illustrations, which is ideal for babies & toddlers as although they may not be interested in the writing, they will love looking at the pictures. “The First Christmas” is great for this as the pictures have glitter on, so they are lovely & textured for the babies to feel, I think out of all the books I picked up, this is one of my favourites! It tells the story of baby Jesus being born and I think it’ll be so lovely to read to Teddy every Christmas.


Little Tiger Press publish the most amazing Children’s books, including “A Long way From Home” and “Bedtime For Little Bears” which are such lovely Christmassy reads as they are all set on a snowy night! A Christmas classic is definitely “The Night Before Christmas” and i’m actually saving this to read to Teddy on Christmas Eve.

I hope these have given you some ideas of books that your little ones might enjoy over Christmas! I’d love to know what your favourite book is to read to your children, for Christmas & all year?


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