Christmas Gift Guide For Babies & Toddlers.


I can’t believe that this Christmas, I will have a baby! A seven month old he-beast who I can dress up like an elf & who will most probably be more interested in the wrapping paper than any of the presents we have bought him. It’s so exciting buying presents for our own little boy and I can’t wait to put them under the tree.

All his presents are currently wrapped & ready to go to my mums (we go there on Christmas morning & all open our presents together) but I know we struggled for a couple of ideas as it’s hard to know what he’ll be into and we didn’t want to buy anything too young for him, that he won’t be interested in, in a couple of months. As it is his first Christmas, I wanted to give him a few extra special presents that we can keep forever. Here is my Christmas Gift Guide For Babies & Toddlers.


THE PETER RABBIT GUIDE TO LIFE; FINDMEAGIFT (£24.99): This book is perfect for your little ones! I couldn’t believe it when I opened the lovely little cardboard box it came packaged in and saw how lovely the book was inside. It actually made me well up when I saw Teddy’s name personalised into the book, and also with a special message on the first page especially dedicated to his first Christmas.
The book features excerpts from our favourite Beatrix Potter stories, including gorgeous illustrations and is accompanied with advice on a range of subjects including housekeeping to common sense!


MY FIRST MONEY BOX; FINDMEAGIFT (£13.99) : I am shite at saving and always have been, i’m definitely a spender. There comes a huge amount of responsibility when you become a parent and one thing I have always said it firstly, I want to teach my child how to manage their money but I also want to provide them with a little helping hand when it comes to saving. It might not amount to anything special like a car or university fees but it will help towards something Teddy wants or loves. This first money box is such a lovely gift idea & it’ll also look super cute as a nursery decoration!


4PC TODDLER FEEDING SET; OXO TOT (£18) : Teddy has just started weaning so anything that will help with meal times and coming to grasps with eating is a real help. The cutlery set might not be particularly useful for Teddy right now as he’s still too little and favours using his hands over anything else, but I think for a child a little older this whole set would be perfect!
The plate and the bowl are especially designed to help guide food onto utensils , and they have non slip bottoms to keep them stable on the table or highchair. They come in a range of colours including green, aqua and pink!


PERSONALISED SANTA SACK; SANTASACKS (£19.95) : I have been looking for a personalised Santa sack for Teddy for so long and this one from Santa Sacks is perfect! I love the idea that we can keep this for years to come to put some of Teddy’s presents in on Christmas morning. You can re-use them every year and I know it’ll be a new family tradition.

BOPPIN BUGZ; JML (£12.99) : Teddy will love watching these whizz around the dining room! I have also have a two year old niece who will spend hours chasing them around her house with her sisters. The Bugz have motion sensors that help them avoid being caught, along with movement they also have flashing lights & crazy sounds which is why I know that they will be a firm favourite with Teddy! He loves anything noisy.


Christmas shopping is hard enough as it is whilst looking after your little ones, let alone actually delivering the gifts to your family and friends! Why not consider using a courier service to be your very own Santa. A courier can deliver your gifts for you and services such as Parcelforce Express can even collect your parcels from your very own home! Check out My Parcel Delivery to find the cheapest courier service and to help take away some of that festive stress.

I hope this post has given you some ideas of what your little one might enjoy opening on Christmas day, or help you pick some gifts for other children in your family. I know my nieces will love some of these!

*This post features gifted items, all views & opinions are my own.

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