Hi, I’m Amy, Mama to Freddie who is nine and a half months old. I started my blog around five months ago as a way to honestly document my journey as a first-time Mum. I blog about all things motherhood from very personal posts to product reviews and recommendations and a little bit of Mama & Baby fashion too. 

Weaning is such an exciting experience! You get to see your baby explore different flavours and textures and enjoy mealtimes together too. However once your baby is having more than one meal a day it can also be an additional thing to plan and think about on top of everything else. Below are my five, easy baby-led lunches which will hopefully ensure mealtimes are stress free. All of them can be adapted to suit your baby’s preferences and are suitable for you too!



This is such an easy one but so delicious and if you have a card/cheese lover like my little one, it is sure to be a hit. I used a homemade tomato sauce packed full of veggies which I make in big batches and then freeze. Another tip is to use fresh pasta because although it is pricier, it only takes a few minutes to cook. All you need to do is mix your sauce in with your cooked pasta and tuna and then pop it all in an oven safe dish. Top with grated cheese and pop in the oven on around 180 degrees until the cheese begins to brown. After it has cooled down, I just pop different chunks onto Freddie’s plate and he devours most of it!


This is super simple and really easy to adapt to whatever foods you baby has developed an interest in. We bought a really cheap toastie maker just after Freddie was born and it has been so useful for quick, last minute lunches. Freddie likes tuna & cheese, cheese and tomato and chicken with peppers. Toast is better for younger babies too as untoasted bread can be harder for them to break up and chew. If you don’t have a toastie maker, avocado on toast or grilled cheese works just as well!


You can make these with just a very ripe banana and an egg but Freddie really wasn’t a fan so we have stuck to the more traditional ones instead. Just add 100g self raising flour, one egg and around 150ml of milk (you may need more to thin out the mixture). Whisk together and then add a spoonful to a hot pan with a thin coating of olive oil. They usually need a few minutes either side. I serve them with some fruit and some greek yogurt. Super easy and a real hit!


Pitta Pizzas are probably Freddie’s favourite food and they take less than ten minutes to prepare and make. Just spread a homemade tomato veggie sauce (I make mine with carrots, courgettes, red onions and leeks) onto a pitta bread, add any toppings you like and top with cheese. Grill for around five minutes or so or until the cheese turns golden. These taste delicious!



Picnic lunches are our go-to at weekends when we are usually out and about over lunch. For these, I usually add some kind of protein, usually bits of chicken or chicken sausages. Sausages can be full of random stuff so I use the HECK brand which only contain 100% British chicken- they are delicious! I also include cut up fruit and veg as well as some rice cakes or ‘puffs’. I also pop in a pot of greek yogurt too. I prefer to buy plain greek yogurt and then sweeten it myself with fruit puree as some baby yogurts are full of sugar. Sometimes Freddie will also have some pitta bread too. We also let him try bits of whatever we are eating to make sure that he has the chance to try new flavours (and to keep him quiet whilst we enjoy our meal!).
I really hope these easy, baby-led lunches gave you a bit of inspiration. There are so many different snacks and lunches that you can make for your baby but I have found keeping it simple whilst varying the flavours has ensured that weaning is stress free.  Another favourite that I didn’t include here are homemade burgers, I tend to make a batch in advance and then reheat as needed. I often share Freddie’s meals over on my Instagram so feel free to say hello over there too. Thank you to Rachael for asking me to write this post and hopefully we can talk more over on my blog soon.
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