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IT’S DECEMBER BABY! Christmas is so close & I can’t wait. I’ve finally started my Christmas shopping and began the mammoth task of wrapping (urgh). I thought to get everyone in the festive spirit I would create a Christmas Tag, for anyone to join in! I’ve kept it short & sweet with only 12 questions and you can go into as much detail as you like. I’d love you to get involved, make sure to tag me on Twitter if you do so I can have a read.


Favourite Christmas Movie & Why?
It used to be Muppet Christmas Carol (it’s still a really close second!) but a couple of years ago I discovered Christmas With The Cranks and I don’t know if it’s the cheesiness or what but I absolutely love it. It has such a feel good factor and I feel so content when I watch it.

Top 3 Songs On Your Christmas Playlist?
01. Fairytales Of New York
02. Merry Christmas Everyone
03. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

Favourite Christmas Tradition?
Christmas at my Mama’s house. Always. My Sister, Brother In Law & my three nieces go. My Mum, Dad & little Brother are all there. It’s just everything. I’m so excited & happy that Teddy gets to experience such a lovely day with our family.

What Is On Your Christmas Bucket List?
To take Teddy to visit Father Christmas in our local town & also to go a nearby National Trust Park, Dunham Massey and ‘Find The Reindeers’, I want to go on so many Christmas themed days out as a family and continue to do them every year.

Buddy The Elf Or Ebenezer Scrooge?
Buddy The Elf all damn day long, someone who can love Christmas as much as me, is a winner in my eyes! However I do have a slight soft spot for that old cranky fuck Ebenezer.

Best Thing About Being A Parent At Christmas?
This is my first Christmas a parent (I was half way through my pregnancy last Christmas) and I can’t wait. He will only be seven months old so won’t have much of a clue, but i’m just excited for him to experience the magic & wonder of it all. It’s such a special time.
What Is One Present You Asked For As A Child, But Never Received?
Horse riding lessons. Literally every year. My Dad also promised to take us to Disneyland Florida when I was about 10. I’m 25 now and still waiting….

Do You Have Any Christmas Eve Traditions?
It used to be going to the pub. Ahh memories…This year is going to be slightly different & after making sure all the presents are ready and under the tree at my mums house (we go to hers in the morning to all open our presents together) we will be coming home, putting our pyjamas on & ordering a takeaway once little man is in bed, enjoy a drink & watch a Christmas film.

Which Festive Beverage Tickles Your Tinsel?
Anything fruity! I usually enjoy a bottle or two of Mark & Spencer’s Bucks Fizz with my Mum. I couldn’t drink last year, due to being with child, so I plan to have a couple this year.

Best Present You Ever Received?
I remember when I was little and I got a kitchen and a jeep for my Barbie and I was fucking buzzin’! I loved my Barbie’s and all the extras you could buy. I also remember one year receiving a doll that made noises & her head smelt of white chocolate…

Sprouts On Christmas Dinner? Yay Or Nay?
FUCK NO! Every year my Mum insists on putting the little balls of Satan on my plate, but I never eat them. I think she reckons that one year, i’ll suddenly like them. Not on my fucking watch Mel.

What Is Your Ideal Christmas?
Family & Food. All day long. My ideal Christmas is spent wherever my family are. As long as they have food obviously. The kids will be playing with their presents, Christmas music will be playing in the background.. BLISS.
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