20 Reasons You Should Be Excited For Christmas

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01. Pigs.In.Blankets… need I say more?

02. Chocolate for breakfast is pretty much law. Whether that is in the form of an advent calendar or a tin of Celebrations. Yeah that’s right. I said TIN. The whole tin. Not just one measly chocolate!

03. Decorating the house for Christmas is my absolute fav. Turning all the main lights off and just having the Christmas tree fairy lights on is summat’ special.

04. Hearing the Coca Cola advert “Holiday’s Are Coming” and instantly feeling festive as fuck. If that song doesn’t get you excited for Christmas, you need help.

05. The festive hot chocolate range at Costa is LIFE. I am all over that Billionaire’s Hot Choc like a fly on shit.

07. Magic Xmas is here & I couldn’t be happier. Aaron hates it & to be honest, no shits are given.

08. It’s deemed acceptable to watch Christmas films everyday; Elf & Christmas With The Cranks are my go-to’s. Along with Muppet Christmas Carol & The Polar Express. FYI.

09. You can roll around in your festive as F flannel pyjamas on your special “it can only be used at Christmas” bedding. Because why the hell not.

10. Cheese. All the cheese. Especially Camembert. Give me a French stick and a camembert and i’ll be your BFF.

11. Buying Christmas scented candles and acting like you love them when in actual fact, you can’t stand the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg or anything spiced.

12. It’s acceptable (so I’ve heard) to have a drink pretty much everyday in December. Everyone seems to throw around the reason “Christmas innit?” Why yes. Yes it is. So i’ll go back to chugging my pitcher of Bucks Fizz Sharon, if that’s alright with you?!

13. I can dress my child up like Christmas has literally thrown up all over him and he can’t do sweet FA about it. Firstly because he quite literally can’t say anything & secondly, he wants to please his Mama. It’s the least the little he-beast could do.

14. You can spend one whole afternoon dedicated to wrapping presents with a Christmas film on in the background (setting the mood and all that), a tin of chocolates and a festive beverage not too far out of reach.

15. The Christmas adverts are out in force; John Lewis usually has it in the bag & is a firm favourite every year but I also love the supermarket ones! There is something about Kevin the Carrot…

16. Foot long Jaffa Cake boxes are here and if you think I wouldn’t be able to finish the whole box off in one sitting, you’d be sadly mistaken….

17. Christmas jumpers are socially acceptable to wear outdoors without getting dodgy looks from Eileen next door, and the best thing is, the tackier the better!

18. Christmas dinner is the best thing ever & if I was on death row, for my last meal I would sure as shit pick my Mama’s Christmas dinner. Turkey…roasties..and all the trimmings (except the sprouts!), if you read my 2017 Christmas Tag, you’ll know how I feel about those hideous green balls of filth.

19. Walking up & down the Christmas aisle’s in the supermarkets and cooing over all the festive treats! You very rarely buy anything, but just knowing they are there is enough to appease you.

20. Hanging out with your favourite people! Whether that’s family, friends or your cat. You spend the day eating, playing and hurling abuse at each other but would you change it? Would ya fuck..

Are you excited for Christmas? What gets you ready & raring for December 25th?

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