Teddy’s Six Month Update


I know I say this every month but how is my baby six months old?! How is he half a year old?! It honestly blows my mind every month how quickly time is going. Teddy is growing up so fast, managing to sit up unaided for a few seconds and even trying his hardest to crawl! When he is lying on his belly he tries as hard as he can to push his knees up, wriggling his bum and moving forward. He’s started getting really frustrated that he is stuck and can’t get anywhere! He hates being lay down and would rather be stood up on your legs, bouncing up & down or sat on the floor terrorising the poor cats.

He has become so much more independent this month, happily lie on his play mat with his toys or sat in his high chair kicking away & throwing his plastic stacking cups. He also loves his baby tv in the mornings whilst snuggled up in his chair with his dressing gown on, unfortunately for me it would seem that Justin’s House is his firm favourite at the minute!

Teddy is still attending his swimming lessons that I mentioned in his Five Month Update and absolutely loving it! He even went under the water for the first time a couple of weeks ago, nothing major, you literally just dunk them under and he wasn’t phased in the slightest. I was actually really worried about it when his teacher mentioned it and felt so mean on my tiny baby but he loved it and like the water baby that he is, took it completely in his stride.

Teething has taken a slight back seat this month and luckily they are giving him a little break before the next batch arrive. I still can’t believe my baby has two teeth although they are definitely going to come in handy with weaning! We are taking the Baby Led Weaning route with Teddy and i’m so excited to get him started. As I am writing this we have been shopping for a couple of finger foods to try him on and also planned some meals that he will be able to eat with us in the evening. I can’t wait for him to try & taste new foods but a small part of me is also slightly sad that he is getting so big!

Teddy’s Sixth Month

Exclusively breastfed and still refusing the bottle! I am making it my mission for the rest of November to get him used to it. We have also started weaning (as I am writing this he is JUST over 6 months) and so far he has enjoyed some porridge with fruit, banana, omelette and a few different bits from the Ella’s Kitchen range! I can’t believe my baby is eating food!!! He now weighs 15lb 5oz!
So much better!!!! He now goes down after his bath and around an hour of boob, usually falling asleep around 7:30, then he goes into his crib and doesn’t wake up until 11/12, where he’ll then be fed again and in most cases goes straight down again in his crib. He usually comes in with us at about 3am, I think he wakes up because he’s a little cold so once he’s in our nice warm bed with our body heat, he sleeps pretty much straight through until 7:30/8.
Teddy Loves:
Being sat in his highchair, especially when we are out and about at restaurants ect, he loves being nosey so the fact that he has a seat at our table, he’s in prime position for having a nosey at the other tables. He also loves his “Guess How Much I Love You” rabbit, soft toy. He enjoys snuggling it during the day and eating his ears. 
Teddy Hates:
Having a snotty nose! It isn’t particularly runny and he doesn’t sound bunged up but when he wakes up in the morning, his nose is full of little bogeys. We picked up the Sterimar Hygiene Nasal Spray on the recommendation of my lovely friend Amy (you can read her blog AmyJaneAndBaby). It’s made such a difference especially if we use it before bedtime, but he usually wakes up in the night with it being blocked again so we could do with using it throughout the day as well to help really break it up.

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