One Hour Speed Clean | Cleaning Your Home With A Baby.


Once you welcome a baby your whole world is flipped upside down and you spend the majority of your days sat staring at your baby wondering firstly. how much you love your little human and secondly, how the fuck people find the time to do anything else other than keep the tiny person alive. 
I have learnt that the best thing to do is a little bit everyday & keep on top of certain jobs otherwise before you know it you’ll be looking at about six loads of washing and four days worth of pots to clean. 
Luckily Teddy is at the age where I can sit him in his high chair in the kitchen with his toys and some music on, & he’ll happily entertain himself whilst I crack on with some speedy cleaning. By speedy I mean I usually set myself one hour everyday to crack on, tackling the essential jobs first and then concentrating on the everyday jobs that need doing. I thought I would share with you how much I manage to get done in an hour and also my favourite products to use. 
I’m one of those where I would rather get all the cleaning and everything mundane done first thing in the morning and then I can enjoy the rest of my day and relax with Teddy or head out for the day, knowing I have a tidy home to come back to. As soon as we are awake and dressed, I will give Teddy a feed and make sure he’s got a good variety of toys to hand before I start, we are currently beginning our weaning adventure so I can’t wait for the day I can keep him quiet with food. Does that make me a bad mum? Possibly but who gives a shite…
Once Teddy is occupied and we have selected our favourite playlist to sing along to I will wash any pots that are left over from the night before, and put them all away. I feel like if the sink is cluttered then the whole kitchen looks a mess so I like to start here. I will then wipe down all the surfaces with my trusty Zoflora, if you have read my Cleaning Your Home With Zoflora post you will know that I am a huge lover of the brand and love using this to clean my kitchen. I will then bleach the sink and clean down the taps and draining board using Dettol Disinfectant spray (my favourite is Orchard Blossom), I also love the Dettol Antibacterial wipes as you can just use them and then throw them straight in the bin. 

A couple of months ago I discovered the WONDER that is spray mops! Now they may not sound that exciting but once you’ve discovered how much easier and quicker they are to clean your wooden or tiled floors, you’ll never go back. We used to have a basic mop & bucket and I hated having to fanny about filling the mop bucket up and keep going backwards and forwards to wet my mop.
I have been using the Vileda DuActiva Broom to sweep our kitchen and dining room, before getting out our Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop to make sure the floors are really clean and any cat food or everyday debris is cleaned away. I love the broom as it has a piece of foam just after the bristles which helps collect dirt & stops it escaping, making it easier and so much quicker! I fill my spray mop up with a scented floor cleaner, diluted with water and it literally takes five minutes to clean all our floors.


Whilst Teddy is still preoccupied I will run upstairs and pour some bleach down the toilet (I do this everyday), check if any towels need changing over & then i’ll quickly sweep and mop the bathroom floor using the same brush & mop as downstairs. Another good thing about the spray mop is that the microfibre mop pad is machine washable so once all our floors are clean, I will shove it on a hot wash, with a capful of Zoflora, making sure it is lovely & clean before I use it again.

The kitchen & dining room in all takes about half an hour, so I will head into the living room, making sure Teddy is okay & usually putting him in his rocker with Cbeebies on. BAD MUM ALERT BAD MUM ALERT. If you tell me you don’t use baby tv to entertain your child, you’re lying! I then sprinkle some Shake n Vac down, the lemon or vanilla one is my favourite and usually hoover that up once I’ve finished tidying and it has had chance to settle. I’ll spray over the coffee table and side table with my Dettol and wipe away any marks or stains that might have occurred the night before, usually tea marks from Aaron’s many brews.


If Teddy is still happily entertained I will spray over the sofas, pulling all the cushions off and spray over them as well. Since having Teddy I have been quite funny about germs and want to make sure that everywhere is lovely and clean for him!

All in all this usually takes an hour, including a couple of theatrical pit stops to sing along to Wicked and dance my lil ass off with Teddy. Listen, a girls gotta have some fun whilst playing at being Cinderella…

*This post is a collaboration with Vileda, all thoughts & opinions are completely my own.


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