My Top Christmas Planning Tips.


I still can’t believe that we are in November already. As soon as November arrives, I get into Christmas planning mode. In all honesty I would celebrate Christmas all year but apparently that aint’ right. I manage to hold myself back until Halloween is well and truly out of the way first, then it’s all systems a-go! I know all too well how stressful the run up to Christmas can be for some people and it can feel really overwhelming. I thought I would share my top Christmas planning tips as a way to hopefully help some of you get a little more organised and relieve some of the stress.



01.Write a list of Christmas cards you need to buy, if some need posting make sure you have up-to-date addresses.

02.Buy Christmas cards & wrapping paper/gift bags/money wallets.

03.Make a family plan- when relatives are coming, where you will be spending the day.

04.Make a list of who you are buying for & gift ideas.

05.Set a budget & stick to it!


06.Do any online shopping.

07.Wrap gifts as you buy them.

08.Check all your decorations (non broken ect) and check Christmas lights.

09.Plan days out & write them in calendar; visiting santa, Christmas light switch on ect.


10.Write your Christmas cards & envelopes ready for posting.

11.Check with post office when the latest possible date is for sending cards to make sure they arrive on time.

12.Put a date in diary for your Christmas food shop (if you are going to someone else’s house for Christmas day, ask if they need you to pick anything up dessert, alcohol ect).

13.Start your home declutter.

14.Order your turkey or whichever meat/vegetarian alternative you like to tuck into on Christmas day.


15.Buy your live tree (three weeks before is ideal as your tree will still be fresh and retain it’s needles through Christmas)

16.DECORATE! We actually do ours on the 1st December (or as close as).

17.Post cards to family/friends who live further afield.


18.Make sure all cards & gifts that need to be posted, have been sent.

19.Buy your non-perishable foods. Chocolate, alcohol ect.


20.Make sure all your gifts are wrapped.

21.Deep clean the house.

22.Check you have batteries for any children’s toys you may have bought.

I have asked some fellow bloggers for their top tips!

“I set a budget on how much I want to spend per person. I don’t want to get to Christmas and realise I’m going to have to spend the following six months paying off debts”- Household Money Saving

Start looking for bargains and gathering gifts etc earlier on, I start picking bits up in July sometimes like a book or outfit or a toy on offer that I want for little man anyway and just put it away. I can’t store a lot in my house but if I see a bargain I’ll definitely try and get my hands on it (if it’s something I want I don’t just pick things up for the sake of it haha) I also find writing lists of ideas for each person helps too. Saves all the faffing of wondering what to get etc and you can just look for that one specific thing.” – Dear Mummy Bear

Wrap as you go. I’ve made that mistake of having to bulk wrap on Christmas Eve NEVER AGAIN!! I wrap bits as they arrive in the house and then I know it’s done without it being a huge task!” – Soph-Obsessed

Be organized to remember everything – Santa’s workshop must be overflowing with lists! Do the same! Make one for gifts, one for food purchases and another one of the things to do each week. This way, you won’t forget anything. Before you go shopping, prepare an itinerary. “For every 15 minutes you spend planning, you’ll save four hours in the end” – The Homemakers Journal

I am not a terribly organised person, it has to be said! What I have at Christmas though is a present spreadsheet. I have so many nephews and nieces to buy for – they are all named in my spreadsheet along with their ages. Every year, I copy last year’s tab and update the ages by one year. Then when I have bought their present, I add the present to the spreadsheet so I know where I am. I even colour code it and have colours for ‘ideas’, ‘bought’ ‘wrapped’ and ‘delivered’. I started this long before I had children so it’s all set up for me – I doubt I would have started it now!” – Yorkshire Wonders

ENJOY YOURSELVES. Christmas has always been such a special time to me & it’s all about the people you spend it with. I’m so lucky that my family are all Christmas lovers so we really get into the spirit. I hope my top Christmas planning tips have helped some of you. I feel like breaking the tasks down into little jobs per week can really help ease the pressure. & panic that usually takes hold during the festive period.



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