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My name’s Rachael & I love Christmas. Possibly a little too much..

One of the things I love about having a baby (aside from the overwhelming love and saggy boobs blah blah blah) is the fact that I can dress him up in WHATEVER I want and he can’t say shit about it. So you better believe I am going to town this Christmas. Baby grows, outfits, decorations, Christmas Eve boxes, it’ll be like Santa’s grotto when i’m done, with a side of tacky. I know Teddy will only be seven months old but it’ll be his first Christmas and i’ll remember it forever, so I want to create beautiful memories that I can share with him when he’s bigger and pull out the family album when he’s an adult of him, bollock naked wrapped in fairy lights. Yeah… that’s happening. Safely, might I add. I thought I would share some of the bits I have picked up for Teddy with a little festive baby haul…


As soon as December 1st hits I will be kitting Teddy out in all the Christmassy baby grows! You won’t miss our kid comin’ that’s for sure. We have also just started weaning and my god is it messy, so I felt these festive bibs were a must, even though they’ll probably last two minutes before they are stained with food. I picked a two-pack up from the F&F range at Tesco and they were only £3! My Sister also gave me a festive dribble bib that is made by a small homemade business My Little Owl.

Our Christmas tree isn’t a specific theme, it is just a random assortment of more personal decorations, which we have collected since moving in together, some are extra special and were bought on our trips abroad in Disneyland Paris & Rome. It was only fair that Teddy has some form of representation on the tree! Even the cats have their own decorations for Christ sake… I picked up the small bell decoration that has 2017 on it, in Wilko’s and it was only £1, bloody bargain!

I am loving Boot’s Mini Club Christmas onesie range & at 2 for £8, you really can’t go wrong! There were quite a few to choose from in my local store but I opted for the Father Christmas sleepsuit and the Santa’s Little Helper all-in-one. Tesco is my absolute favourite place at the minute to pick up clothes for Teddy and as soon as I saw the Elf Christmas All-In-One, I knew I had to have it. It even comes with a matching hat!
I couldn’t let Teddy celebrate his first Christmas without a special onesie and this “My First Christmas Penguin Sleepsuit” one from Asda is perfect, look at the little penguin on the feet!! This is something we will keep in his memory box forever and it’s ridiculously cute without breaking the bank at only £5. Does anyone else think that supermarkets seriously have the most gorgeous baby clothes at such cheap prices?! There’s no need to go and spend £10+ on a baby grow they will be out of within a couple of months, when you can pop to your local Tesco, Morrisons or Asda and get near enough the exact same thing for a fraction of the price.

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