Cleaning Your Home With Zoflora


If you have never heard of Zoflora, firstly where the fuck have you been? And secondly it is a concentrated disinfectant that can be multi-used and banishes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Simply dilute in water and spray or wipe around the home! I have used Zoflora since moving out 4 years ago and it is a product that is always in my cupboard. . I was lucky enough to be contacted by Zoflora offering me the chance to trail their new scent Lemon Zing and I was so excited! I absolutely love citrus smells so I knew that their latest creation would be right up my street. It smells so fresh and leaves the whole house smelling so clean. It has a slightly spicy undertone due to the ginger but it also has notes of grapefruit (which I LOVE!)

I thought I would give you a brief breakdown of where I use Zoflora, just to show you how multi-purpose it really is!

K I T C H E N:

01. Sink; after I have cleaned the kitchen at night I like to pour hot water into the sink and add a couple of capfuls of Zoflora. I then use that to wipe down the taps and draining board, if you leave the sink full overnight you’ll come down to a fresh smelling kitchen! I also put the clothes & sponges I have used to clean the kitchen, into the sink with the Zoflora as a way to kill off any nasty bacteria that has accumulated on them!

02. Worktop; Pretty obvious but if you fill a spray bottle with water & add a capful (or two if you’re feeling particularly crazy..) of Zoflora, you can use it to wipe down your worktops and surfaces!

03. Bin; Our bin can get pretty stinky due to the pooping sometimes milk-vomiting tiny human in our house so once the bin has been emptied I will pour hot water into the bottom & add a few capfuls of Zoflora, leaving it to soak for an hour or two. I will also use the spray bottle to spray the sides and lid, giving it a wipe over.


L I V I N G  R O O M:

04. Shelves & Coffee Tables; Using the spray bottle I wipe down any spills or marks that can gather on surfaces, I sometimes use it as an alternative to polish!

05. Remote Controls; Teddy is in the habit of grabbing everything he can & chewing on it, so I like to make sure that everything is cleaned down and disinfected just in case. Either using your spray bottle or filling a small bowl up with warm water & a capful of Zoflora, wipe down any remotes that you have.

06. Door Handles & Radiators; Handles can be a particular hot spot for germs so wipe them down on a weekly basis. I also put some Zoflora on a clean cloth or kitchen roll and run them over the top of my radiators, so not only are you cleaning them but also, when the heating is put on it will trigger the lovely scent!

B A T H R O O M:

07. Shower/Bath; Bacteria thrives in warm, damp places so it’s essential that you keep the bathroom clean. I just use my spray bottle to spray over the shower and then wipe it down with a sponge. I also do this on the tiles!

08. Sink & Taps; Plugholes don’t only house nasty bacteria but they can also get pretty smelly. So do the same as the kitchen sink & fill it with hot water before adding a capful of Zoflora. As you empty the sink it will clean the plughole.

09. Toilet & Toilet Brush Holder; Pour Zoflora neat into your toilet to neutralize odours, I also pour a capful into the bottom of my toilet brush holder so after using, the brush will get a clean!

N U R S E R Y:

10. Changing Mat/Potty; Having kids is a messy business so I always have my spray bottle to hand when cleaning Teddy’s room. Using Zoflora to clean his changing mat helps to kill any bacteria as well as nasty shitty odours.

11. Mattress; Teddy isn’t sleeping in his cot yet but for those of you who have children who do, we all know accidents can happen! Leaky nappies or bed-wetting is a messy job but it happens, spraying your mattress with your spray bottle will leave it smelling fresh and clean.

12. Nappy Bin; Cos lets be honest, nobody wants to sleep in a bedroom that stinks of shit particles.


There are so many other places you can use Zoflora & if you head on over to their website, they have a full breakdown of each room including hallways & utility rooms and how they recommend using their products.

You can pick up Zoflora from any supermarket, they also stock it in Poundworld, B&M Bargains and Home Bargains for as little as £1! I hope you enjoyed reading how I use Zoflora in my house and if you’d like me to share any more cleaning tips or tricks, then let me know!

*I was sent this product in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own.




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