Baby Led Weaning Wishlist

Baby Weaning Wish List.

Teddy will be turning 6 months in November and we will be starting our weaning journey! It is advised by health visitors & the NHS that you wait until your baby is six months old before introducing solid foods, I know some people start weaning sooner but personally I didn’t see the need. My breast milk provides everything he needed and he’ll still be mainly breastfed as we start introducing foods. We are planning on doing baby led weaning with Teddy and as I have been browsing the internet looking for tips & tricks, I have noticed there is quite a lot of things you need. I have decided to come up with a wish list of all the things I am hoping to pick up over the next month or so to make weaning a little easier..(and fun!)

Panasonic Bread Makers: There is something so domesticated about making bread and if you’d have asked me six months ago if I would ever even thought about purchasing a bread maker, i’d have laughed in your face. However, the amazing bread makers at Panasonic don’t just make bread, they can also make homemade jams, cakes and compotes. There are so many added sugars and additives in the sweet treats so the idea of being able to make your own and carefully select the ingredients for your little one, sounds ideal!

Billie Faiers Highchair: I’m so excited to finally have Teddy sitting at the table with us, when we have meals together!! I love the chevron design of this high chair, it has a five-point safety harness and three position recline with six different height settings. You can also remove the tray which makes for easy cleaning! Weaning is going to be very messy…

Nuk Food Cube Tray: As we are doing baby led weaning, Teddy will be eating the same meals we do, with a few adaptions of course. I am planning on batch cooking pasta sauces packed with plenty of veg so these food cubes will make up the perfect quantity for a quick, healthy dinner. You can just pop out a cube and defrost it in the microwave.

Beaba 360 Spoon: I think this has to be one of my favourite things ever! How clever?! I had never seen this before so as soon as I saw it on the JoJo Maman Bebe website, I bought it. The design of the spoon means that the bowl remains upright, even if the spoon handle is turned over. Making it easier for the food to stay on the spoon and more likely to make it to your baby’s mouth. Rather than dropping all over the place.

Highchair Toy: Well, we all know why this will come in handy! Anything to entertain your child for a couple of extra minutes is essential. If Teddy is anything like his mama, he will be a very hangry human being so hopefully a highchair toy will keep him occupied. I love this one from Mamas and Papas as it lights up when spun and it also has a multi-textured handle for teething.

Munchkin Snack Catcher: As I said above, weaning is going to get very messy so anything that helps contain some of that mess is a winner in my eyes! The Munchkin snack catcher will be perfect to use on the go, especially when Teddy gets a little older. It has the perfect sized opening for little hands but if the container is over-turned, nothing will fall out.

Beaba Rice Cooker: Another amazing creation! It is designed to easily and quickly cook small amounts of rice or pasta. Perfect for Teddy’s dinner, it’ll make it so much easier knowing I am cooking just the right amount. I don’t know about you but I can’t quite grasp how much pasta or rice is enough for a portion and end up having enough pasta to feed a small army.

Is your baby getting ready to wean? Or if your little one is already weaning, i’d love some tips and recipes you & your little one love.

*this was a sponsored post in collaboration with Panasonic, all views and opinions are my own.

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