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5 Autumnal Activites To Do With Kids | LandofLawson

Todays guest post comes from the fabulous Hayley, who runs a blog based around lifestyle, motherhood and style. It is one of my absolute favourites! Hayley also has a little boy (hell yes to boy mama’s!) named Lawson who has not long turned one. She lives with her husband & little boy in the middle of England. Hayley’s blog reminds me a lot of my own as she gives a really honest account of motherhood with a lovely amount of sarcasm! ENJOY..

Autumn is finally upon us! My very favourite season, full of cosy jumpers, crisp fresh air and pumpkin picking, there is nothing I do not love.

It is a transition from summer though, isn’t it? When getting out of the house was so easy to go to the park, or have a garden picnic, has anyone else struggled to come up with any inspiration for Autumn activities? Just me?! Look no further! I have come up with five amazing activities for Autumn that will not only keep your kids entertained, but will also give you ALL the Autumn feels. 


I am still looking forward to the day when Lawson will be old enough to go leaf picking with me.  I do this every single year. Granted, I mostly use the leaves for flatlays on Instagram, but I think that after a lovely long Autumnal walk, collecting leaves, conkers, acorns, it only makes sense to get creative with them and make a collage with the kids! I know I’m going to want to frame them all and have what will probably resemble some sort of Autumn shrine in my home! Too much?!


We all love a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks at this time of year, don’t we? (Or this year, just a heads up, the Caramelised Pecan Latte is IMMENSE). Not always something we can do with the kids though… One, because they don’t drink coffee, and two, because what kid wants to sit nicely in the corner of a coffee shop and talk about how cosy it is? Not mine! That’s for sure! So my idea is to bring books along with you! Just think how wonderful it could be, sipping a heavily caffeinated drink, your child sipping a babychino, whist cosying up on a velvet sofa reading some of your favourite books. OK, we know it’s not going to go down like that, but the sentiment behind it is a nice one.



We all know that we’re going to have to get the obligatory Instagram at a pumpkin farm, so I’m aware that going to a pumpkin farm isn’t exactly original stuff. However, why not turn it into a game with your little ones? ‘What’s the biggest pumpkin you can find?’ or ‘can you find a teeny tiny pumpkin?’ Then you could take it one step further by going home and getting messy whilst decorating your pumpkins.


It’s a rainy day. There is LITERALLY nothing to do. You’re stuck in the house with crazy kids who are demanding entertainment. Look no further than your own bathroom. On cold, Autumnal days, I LOVE giving Lawson daytime baths. Sometimes I even join him! It’s a great way to warm up, and he absolutely loves just sitting in there, splashing around and playing with his toys. Simple, but effective. 


Garden centres happen to be some of my favourite places. I love nothing more than wandering the aisles looking at succulents, pots, candles, everything that a great garden centre has to offer! Especially in Autumn, the good ones have some incredible Autumn displays, and if you’re lucky, you might even catch an early hint of Christmas! Most have a café too, so you can add a lovely hot chocolate to your trip. Top tip for small babies, if your local garden centre has an aquarium, it’s literally like the free version of a sea life centre to them, easy entertainment!

So that is my roundup of Autumnal activities to do with your kids, I hope you find them useful!

Over on my blog I have done a 30 day calendar of Autumnal activities, so if you’re after a bit more, head over and take a look!

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