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Currently Reading..

The Wonder Weeks Book; This book has been a life saver these past couple of weeks. It also has a matching app that is so handy to check out when you are on the go. If you have never heard of The Wonder Weeks, it is a book that breaks down your child’s development into ‘leaps’. As your baby is growing up and learning new things you will notice a huge change in their behaviour, and not in a good way! They have a leap every few weeks and the book or app, whichever method you prefer, explains what they are currently learning, tips on dealing with the changes and it also tells you signs to look out for as a new leap is approaching. Teddy is currently going through leap 4, a.k.a the devil leap and the app has perfectly described his behaviour.

Currently Watching..

I’ve actually been watching a lot of Netflix films recently. I’ve found that Netflix can be so hit & miss with their movies, not updating them for a while or when they do update they are really old films that I’ve never heard of. However I’ve recently watched one film with Gerard Butler *swoon*, that I had never heard of called A Family Man and it was really good! Quite weepy so be prepared! I also finally got around to watching Deepwater Horizon with Mark Wahlberg *another swoon* which is a disaster film based on the actual events of the Deepwater Horizon explosion and oil leak. I really enjoyed this film and think it is definitely worth a watch. Again, it’s another weepy one as it’s based on real events. You forget as you are watching it that this ACTUALLY happened and get caught up in the film, however at the end it has a list of names and pictures of all the people that sadly lost their lives. I must have been in a “lets watch sad films” mood recently..

YouTube! I have fallen back in love with watching videos and really found some channels & people that I love. I highly recommend Hannah Gale’s weekly vlogs, Lydia Millen’s wedding planning updates and Hello October’s (Suzie) homeware hauls!

Currently Listening To..

This week, Giovanna Fletcher released her Happy Mum, Happy Baby Podcast! I was so excited when she announced she would be releasing a podcast a long side her book that came out earlier this year. I absolutely love Gi’s fictional work so I couldn’t wait to pick up her first non-fiction book all about her journey as a mother to two small boys and she really does give a true, honest account of what motherhood has been like for her so far. This week her podcast featured Emma Willis, who I have a complete crush on, and they talked so honestly and openly about motherhood, breastfeeding and how parenting isn’t all they thought it would be! I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait for next weeks episode.
What have you been up to this week? Have you read or watched anything you’ve really enjoyed?!

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