Teddy’s Four Month Update.

Baby's Four Month Update

How in the hell is my child four months old?! I feel like the months are going by quicker & quicker, it doesn’t feel like two minutes since I was writing his three month update!

I can’t believe how much Teddy has changed this month, his personality just grows & grows. He is reaching so many milestones, interacting with his toys, being able to focus and grab them with ease (they go straight in his mouth..) and sometimes he’ll do the sweetest little giggle. Usually when his Daddy is tickling him or blowing on his belly. It just fills me with so much love seeing them together.
It’s been over a year this month, since we found out we were expecting Teddy and I can’t believe it. He has been in our lives for one whole year.

If you follow me on social media, especially Twitter, you will know that Teddy is going through the fourth development leap and my god. I don’t know what the fuck went on, but he was like a different child. Not in a good way! He demands your attention ALL THE TIME, he won’t be left alone for any period of time longer than two minutes, his sleeping went completely out of the window. He is taking ages to settle, waking up every hour, crying for no reason… Part way through the leap we went back to co-sleeping & it definitely helped eventually but he was still waking a lot more often.
I honestly almost lost the will to live. We also had Teddy’s sixteen week jabs and they just break your heart. Luckily he didn’t suffer with a high temperature like he did with the eight week jabs, he was just extra grizzly and unsettled. 
We have been getting so many emails, baby newsletters and vouchers to do with weaning! I am so not ready for my little baby to be eating real food, we’ll be waiting until Teddy is 6 months old until we start weaning which is what the NHS recommend. We are planning to do baby led weaning, so I have been pinning lots of meal & snack ideas. I’m sad that he is growing so quick but also really excited to watch him taste & try new foods. I can imagine it’s going to be a very messy experience..
He is still piling on the lbs, and is well into his 3-6 month clothes! He is such a long baby and outgrew 0-3 before we knew it! His little feet scrunching at the end.. It was a sad day when I had to pack up all his baby grows that he has grown out of. Where has my tiny 7lb 11 baby gone?!
I’m not sure if he is also showing signs of teething. Some days his cheeks look a little rosy & he’s also dribbling a hell of a lot! I think i’ll be nipping to the chemist soon for some teething powder and i’m also going to buy some of the little moulds you can buy for baby frozen lollies and freeze some of my milk for him to chew on. Hopefully they will help. Question: How do you know when your child is genuinely under the weather or just being a whingey bugger?

Baby's Four Month Update

*update* Since writing this post Teddy has a teeny tiny bottom tooth poking through! He chomped down on his Dad’s finger and he felt it, we’ve since had a nosy in his mouth and can see a tiny little tip of a tooth, it’s bloody sharp! I now feel really guilty because I didn’t know he was teething, so didn’t give him any pain relief or anything to help him. Bad Mum Alert..

We are still taking him swimming often and he just loves it. He enjoys going on his back and kicking his chunky legs. He’s not so much a fan of the getting changed afterwards but we soon sort that with a bit of boobing and a good nap.


Teddy’s Fourth Month

Still exclusively breastfed and all is going really well! I’m hoping to make it to at least a year, so fingers crossed all being well, we’ll get there. We got him weighed and he now weighs 14lb 15oz! Such a chunky monkey.
Sleep?! Not so great. Up every 1 to 2 hours but hopefully now that the 4th leap has fucked off, we’ll get back on track. As tired as I am, it can’t be good for him. He must be exhausted. We’ve actually started coming to bed a little earlier at 7:30 which was decided by him as he was getting really upset around that time & it’s working well so far. Hopefully once he doesn’t take as long to settle, he’ll be getting a decent nights sleep. We’ve resorted back to co-sleeping most nights as it seemed to help him settle a little better and sleep a little longer, although now he’s past the worst of it, I am going to start putting him back in his crib after his night feeds.
Teddy Loves:
His feet. My god. If he’s kicking off or whingeing, take his legs out his babygrow, lie him on his changing mat and he’ll happily lie, either playing or chewing his feet. It is honestly the sweetest thing I have ever seen. He’s obsessed. 

Teddy Hates:
Everything. His injections, not having your attention, being cradled like a baby, sleep. Do you know what I hate? Leap fucking four.

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