Staying Organised: Mini Poundworld Stationary Haul

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   Since the beginning of time, I have been a lover of stationary. When I was still at school, nothing excited me more than going into town and picking all my new stationary ready for the new school year. The pressure of trying to pick the best pencil case that could house your 10,000 smelly gel pens (side note: does anyone remember them?! You propa’ thought you were the dogs bollocks if you had them in your pencil case!).
I have always had a notebook lying around the house to jot down shopping lists or work out our finances ect, but since getting properly back into my blog I needed to up my game. I’ve found, even more since having Teddy, that organisation really is key. I don’t have time to sit down last minute and write up a blog post, so I have been making more of an effort to schedule a weeks worth of blog posts on a Sunday when Aaron is off. I know some people aren’t a fan of scheduling posts in advance but at the minute it’s really what works best for me & also means i’m not abandoning Teddy throughout the day when Aaron is at work. 
I had heard on the grapevine (Twitter) that Poundland/World had really made an impact with their new stationary range! It is all B-E-A-UTIFUL. It honestly resembles something you could pick up at Paperchase but for a hell of lot less moula. The range starts at just 75p which is a complete bargain & who doesn’t love a bloody bargain?! The shop has released three different ranges; The Premium Collection which includes pastel colours & geo-metric patterns. The Unicorn & Rainbows Collection and also the Fashion Collection which features pineapples and flamingo designs.
Arriving at Poundworld you can tell which range was the most popular and the whole aisle had been ransacked! Luckily there were a few bits left that I had my eye on; including this Notes & Ideas lined notebook and also (my favourite) To Do This Week planner, which is currently housed on my desk with the felt tips. I am going to use this especially for my blog to write down when posts are going live, emails I have to answer or posts that need to be written for the following week. 
Having somewhere to jot down all my ideas, posts and urgent things I need to remember to do, especially for my blog has definitely helped me become more organised. Nothing is more satisfying than crossing something off your list! I feel so much more productive now.
I also picked up the ‘Fresh Out Of..’ planner which is perfect for helping you plan your shopping lists! It breaks down all the different categories including; fruit, veg, cleaning & laundry ect. I do all my shopping online so this will make it so much easier to remember to pick up everything we need. We’ve started writing things down as & when we use them so we know that it needs replacing. These are such a good idea as it stops you picking up unnecessary crap because you can’t remember if you have run out of it or not. So you end up buying it for the sake of it, then finding out you already had two in the back of your cupboard! I can’t tell you how many times I have been guilty of doing this. 
I am planning on heading back to Poundworld this weekend, because there are some sticky notes and another notebook with my name on it! Have you seen the range? What do you think of it? How do you stay organised?

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