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One thing I have noticed, in particular, over the last couple of months is how negative the social media world has become. Bloggers bitching about bloggers, the Instagram algorithm being particularly shitty & Twitter being used to spread unnecessary hate! There is enough crap going on in the ‘real world’ without being sucked into it online as well. I don’t know about you, but I actually come online to escape the everyday norm. I spend my days with my boobs out (breastfeeding not just for shits & giggles..), cleaning shitty nappies and trying to not have meltdown. Instagram, blog posts & Twitter are where I go to take my mind off all that & enjoy ten minutes of reading about something other than whether my child hates me and if leap 4 is making any other parent want to jump out the window and do a runner’.

I thought it was time to share the love! I am going to do a roundup of my favourite blogs at the minute, Instagram’s I am loving (& slightly jealous off) and people in general, spread some damn positivity!

My girl Terri, words can’t express how much I love her & her gorgeous Ezra. I met this mama through Instagram & back in March we started a group chat with two other first time mama’s (Rachel & Chelsie you absolute babes with your delicious boys!). We were all pregnant at the time & bonded over our honesty, no-shit attitude and our crude remarks about how unglamorous pregnancy was for us. Now we are 6 months deep in our relationship and they are all my soul sisters. We all welcomed baby boys and we talk everyday about always loving them, but possibly not always liking them. Terri started her blog when Ezra was first born and it is one of my all time favourites! Her post all about “Mama Advice” and the fact it is pretty much 100% unwanted is a must-read! Her Instagram is also the most colourful feed you will ever find, full of rainbows!

Caitylis is all round a good egg! Her photography is serious goals and I am incredibly jealous of her stunning flat lays. She also writes so lovely and her blog posts are always my favourites to read! Her latest post “11 Things You Must Do This Autumn” makes for perfect reading & has really gotten me in the mood for Autumn and the colder weather! We have recently been talking on Twitter and she is just so lovely. She is also expecting a little boy in December & i’m so excited for him to arrive!

Amy is a first-time mama like myself to a gorgeous little boy Freddie! I follow Amy on Instagram & her feed is beautiful. I love her honesty when it comes to motherhood and i’m also slightly (read as: a lot) envious that she finds the time to look gorgeous! I feel like I barely have my shit together and she gives me hope that one day I may find the time to curl my hair again. These days i’m lucky to get a brush through it. My favourite post of hers is all about breastfeeding “Nipples, Night-Feeds and Not What I Expected“.

Gee is one of my favourite people! We bonded through a love for hilarious GIFS and sarcastic tweets. Her Instagram is full of delicious looking meals that she makes for her little girls and I know where I will be going for inspiration when Teddy is weaning. She is a complete girl boss; looking after her two gorgeous girls AND running a blog. I need some of her motivation and organisation skills! Gee’s latest post “Let’s Talk About Suicide” is an absolute must-read and highlights such an important topic!

Kassy is my due date twin & although her little boy arrived a lot earlier than Teddy did, she is currently one of the main reasons I am just about surviving the “Fourth Leap” or as we like to call it the “What the fuck is wrong with my child, and where is the alcohol?” leap. We are currently bonding over our lack of sleep & counting down the days to the end of the leap, where we are going to celebrate the shit out of life! 7 DAYS TO GOOOOO. Her latest post “Mummy Guilt- The Daily Struggle” is one that I completely relate to & i’m sure lots of other mummies will as well!

Are there any blogs, Instagram’s or people you are loving at the minute? 

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