14 Ways To Declutter Your Life.


I don’t know if it the change in season or whether it’s that Christmas (yes, yes I said the C word..) is very nearly upon us but I suddenly have the urge to organise, tidy and declutter my life. Whether that’s selling or donating Teddy’s old or unused things, giving the kitchen cupboards a sort out or binning clothes that I haven’t worn in 5 years but for some reason just can’t seem to let go of. I have a tendency of hoarding, feeling some emotional attachments to things even though i’ll never use them again or they’ve never been used. I always come up with a reason to keep hold of them “just incase..”

Well not anymore! I am a mission to donate, sell or bin all our unwanted crap and give my life a good old declutter. I know it’s going to take time but taking just a little time out of each day, dedicated to getting rid of the clutter will make it so much easier to maintain a clutter-free life. It’ll help me feel so much more organised and on top of my shit, which for the past few months, I really haven’t felt like. Here are all the things I am going to do over the next couple of weeks to help tackle the clutter:


01. Makeup- I am ashamed to admit that I can’t remember the last time I sorted through all my makeup. I am that girl that will have a crusty old mascara rolling around in her makeup bag and a dried up old lip gloss. I don’t ever wear them, I just can’t seem to part with them. The same goes for having five lipsticks all in the same shade, but always reaching for the same one because it’s my favourite. So what use do I have for the other four? It’s very rare these days that I get to apply a full face of makeup so I am going to FINALLY sit & go through it all, keeping hold of only my favourites and throwing away products that are unloved or well past their sell by date.

02. Old Clothes– Again, I can’t remember the last time I went through all my clothes and sorted out what I actually wear and hasn’t seen the light of day for two years. Unfortunately the latter is a lot more common and I have found that since having Teddy I wear the same pair of jeans and alternate between a few tops. I just don’t like my wardrobe anymore, my sense of style has changed a lot and I also find myself struggling with outfit choices due to it needing to be breastfeeding friendly. I am planning on getting rid of pretty much everything I own and starting a fresh. Especially as the weather is getting colder & I literally own one jumper…

03. Skincare– Being a mum takes up a lot of my time. Oh who am I kidding, it takes up all of my time! Therefore I really have no need for hundreds of facemasks and relaxing oils, it’s all about finding them few firm favourites that I really feel benefit my skin. It’s definitely time to have a good clear out of all my half used products or ones that haven’t been used in the last few months.

04. Receipts & Paperwork– Is there really any need to have a purse full of Asda receipts from 6 months ago? Nah, there isn’t. I also have a habit of keeping unopened letters all over the house or bank statements that are shoved in drawers (hidden from Aaron, oops..). The downside of this is when you are looking for paperwork or a receipt you actually need, you can’t find it! Shred or bin anything you don’t need, and keep all your important paperwork in a file.

05. Books– I am a huge book lover and have two bookshelves filled to the brim with books, however there are some that I have read and not loved or even liked in the slightest, yet they still have a home on my bookshelf and I know for a fact i’ll never read them again, so it’s definitely time to donate as I feel they’ll be much more appreciated. It’s also the perfect excuse to buy new books!


06. Room By Room– Take each room at a time and sort through all your drawers, cupboards and shelves & create a system making piles for bin, donate/sell or keep. Get rid of anything that doesn’t work, or things that you haven’t used in the last 6 months. Chances are if it hasn’t been used in 6 months, you don’t need it.

07. The Fridge & Freezer– As someone who has recently cleaned out their fridge and freezer and found three bags of frozen veg and half opened boxes of ice lolly’s all over the joint, this is definitely a good place to have a clear out. I organised all my freezer drawers into; potatoes (chips, roasts ect) & veg, frozen meat drawer and a ice cream drawer, yes really. I also have a drawer dedicated to frozen breast milk. YUMMY.

08. Kitchen Cupboards– Pull everything out and wipe down the insides, then check all the dates on edible goods before placing them back in, in a more organised fashion. I put my most used items, such as pepper, salt, fry light at the front and tins or sauces at the back. I also threw away part bottles of cleaning products, bleach & kitchen cleaner ect.


09. Clear Out Emails & Subscriptions– I can’t tell you how many times I have let my inbox build up to hundreds, if not thousands of unread emails. I always read the important ones but so many go unnoticed or forgotten about. I have started spending one of Teddy’s afternoon feeds as a time to go through emails & delete the ones I don’t need, or reply to ones that require a response.

Having a blog, my email is pretty much dotted all over my social media, so I am added to so many subscription services that I didn’t sign up to! There are also some that I did sign up for years ago but they aren’t of interest anymore & I’ve never gotten around to unsubscribing from them.

10. Social Media- The people that I followed on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook when I first signed up, are no longer the same people I want to be following now. So many irritating accounts that I thought were funny at the time or people who no longer use their account. It’s time to have a good clear out and only follow the people you want to. Not just people for the sake of it.

11. Clean Up Your Computer– My computer is slow as fuck. It’s pretty old so that won’t help but it’s also full of unnecessary crap. I have pictures from six years ago, all the old sims 3 expansion packs still installed, even though I haven’t played it in years. I’m all about the Sims 4 now don’t ya know..
I’m not exactly a computer whizz so I am going to research everything I can on completely tidying up your computer and getting rid of everything I no longer need on it.


12. Say No– A lot of the time I let me fear of saying no & letting people down get on top of me. There were days were I wanted to just sit at home & relax or spend my nights at home rather than off gallivanting. Since having Teddy, I have found it a lot easier to say no, the majority of the times it’s because it just wouldn’t work around Teddy’s routine, people wanting to go out around his bedtime ect, which as a mummy who exclusively breastfeeds, it just doesn’t work out sometimes. So whether it’s saying no to family, friends or even your boss who maybe wants you to work an extra shift, sometimes saying no, is best for you.

13. Make Yourself A Priority– It isn’t selfish to put yourself first sometimes. Especially as a mother, I always say I can’t give Teddy 100% if I don’t take care of me first and it might have taken a while to take that advice on board but i’m finally starting to & even if it’s just an hour out of the day to cook tea & listen to your favourite podcast or some music (my new favourite thing to do), or have a really long shower. It’s important to cut yourself a bit of slack & take a breather.

14. Declutter Relationships– This past year, I’ve definitely taken a step back from relationships and questioned whether they bring anything positive into my life. If they haven’t, then maybe it’s time to reconsider their place in your life. I have really made sure that 2017 was a year that I surround myself by positive people, that make me feel good about myself, both offline & online.

These are just some of the things I am planning on implementing into my life

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