Three Top Tips For Tummy Time Success: Guest Post by Ami Elizabeth


Hiya! I’m Ami and I am a lifestyle & family blogger over at Ami Elizabeth. My daughter Florence was born in May of this year and I am loving every moment of motherhood. I am so excited to be blog swapping with Rachael today and hope that you enjoy my top tips for tummy time. 
If you’re anything like me, now that you’re a mama there are three questions people ask about your baby wherever you go. Be it by a midwife, doctor or health visitor or even a fellow new Mama, I’m always asked ‘Does she sleep well?’, ‘How’s she feeding?’ and ‘How is Tummy Time going?’ The latter used to fill me with dread. I will be honest, in those first hazy baby days tummy time was the last thing on my mind. I was too busy concentrating on how many ounces Florence was taking, what colour her poo was and basically just staring at the tiny little miracle cuddled in my arms. After the first few weeks though, once the new Mama fog had lifted I started to look at ways to introduce Tummy Time regularly into our day to day. Until recently, Florence wasn’t at all keen on being belly down, and let’s not go into the tantrums she had when we tried doing it on a flat surface! 

You’re probably doing Tummy Time without even realising:

This is one of the only helpful things my Health Visitor actually told me – Every time you place your baby over your shoulder or lap to wind her, she is encouraged to use those important neck and core muscles. On Florence’s second day as we were waiting to come home from the hospital she was moving her head back and forth (while being supported of course!) and pushing off of my chest while I was cuddling her. So much so that she reminded me of a little mini headbanger! Likewise, baby wearing also counts at tummy time, so any time you’re heading out with your baby in her carrier or sling you’re getting a good healthy spot of Tummy Time. Both are gentle introductions to Tummy Time that you don’t really even have to think about!  

Timing is key:

Like most things with babies, you have to pick your moments when it comes to Tummy Time practice! Choose a time in the day when your baby is at her happiest and most awake to get in some all important belly down play. This way she’ll be less likely to get worn out quickly or get grizzly after only a few seconds. Another thing to think about is how long you’re doing it for –  short and sharp bursts are all your baby needs to get started with tummy time and as time goes on and baby gets happier on her belly you can increase the time more and more. 

Make it a part of your day to day:

Now I know not everyone has a routine with their baby early on, but there are plenty of times throughout the day where we incorporate Tummy  Time into our day to day. For example, Florence loves to look at herself in the mirror while I’m doing my make up so I pop a pillow in front of the mirror and prop her up on her belly so she can chat away to herself. I’m just next to her so I can keep an eye and yet I can still get on with what I need to do too! 

I’ve shared three more top tips for tummy time success here and if you’d like to see more baby play ideas you can follow my series here. 

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