What’s In My Changing Bag? | BabyMel ‘Robyn’ Convertible Backpack.

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One of the first things I started researching into and browsing for when I found out I was expecting Teddy, was different changing bags and I was quite shocked at how picky I was!

I knew I wanted a rucksack style or one that could convert into a rucksack and that it be unisex so Aaron could wear it as well without feeling like a prat. I mainly wanted a rucksack style as I know how quickly your hands can become full when juggling a baby and everything else you have going on, so it’s important to have your hands free when possible. I also didn’t want anything too mumsy as that just isn’t my style, you wouldn’t look at this bag and instantly think it was a changing bag.


I spent countless hours looking online for the perfect changing bag and really struggled to find one that I really liked due to me being so fussy and also not wanting to spend over the odds, until my Sister recommended BabyMel as  a brand. I decided to have a nosy at their website and what they had to offer when I came across the Robyn Convertible Backpack in navy stripe. I instantly fell in love, however it was coming up as out of stock! Luckily I found out that JoJo Maman Bebe also stocked the bag and I could pre-order it to be delivered within two weeks!

As soon as it arrived I started filling it with all the essentials I thought the baby would need when we were out and about, little did I know how much crap they ACTUALLY need! Luckily for us the Robyn changing bag is like a tardis and can fit so much more in than you would think. It is definitely a lot roomier than it looks. It has six internal and external pockets so plenty of space for your nappies, nappy sacks and spare clothes. The different compartments are really useful as it helps you keep all the essentials organised and in the same place and accessible within seconds.

One thing I love about this bag is that you can carry it four different ways using the convertible strap that include as a backpack, a shoulder bag, cross body or hand held using the small straps. You can also hang the bag on your pram using the velcro pram straps.


The bag also has an easy-wipes pocket with a dispenser slot and velcro flap so you have easy access to your wipes and they won’t dry out! We use Waterwipes in ours and they honestly stay just as wet in the bags pocket as they do when sealed in their packaging. The fabric of the bag is water resistant with coated canvas so it’s practical for any spills and spillages that may occur.

Included in the bag is a padded changing mat that is machine washable (important for all the poo-splosions that seem to occur!) and a insulated bottle holder that will keep your liquids warm or cool for up to four hours! I am actually exclusively breastfeeding at the minute but we are soon going to introducing a bottle once or twice a week just so Teddy will get used to taking one when he needs to so we will make good use of this bottle holder then.

What Is In My Changing Bag?

  • Nappies– We love Aldi’s Mamia range and also Morrison’s own.
  • Wipes– Usually Waterwipes which we pick up in bulk from Amazon as they usually work out cheaper! Although our current pack is the Huggies Pure Baby Wipes.
  • Nappy Sacks– We use these for his dirty nappies and also any clothes that he may have leaked on to keep them separate from everything else in his bag.
  • Dettol Antibacterial Wipes– We use these to wipe down the changing areas and also to wipe his changing mat after each use.
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Barrier Cream– To help prevent any nasty rashes he may get.
  • Large Muslin Cloth– I use this to cover myself whilst I latch him on when I am feeding. We are using the Swaddle Company muslin swaddle blankets and they are the perfect size!
  • Smaller Muslins– These are essential and perfect to use if Teddy dribbles or is sick and also as a light cover.
  • Spare Clothes– I usually have two lots of spare clothes, including vests and babygrows.
  • Lightweight Jacket– The weather is so unpredictable so I always carry a spare jacket for him just incase.
That is everything in our changing bag! I’d love to know what is in yours and if you have anything different?!

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