My Top New Mummy Essentials.


Teddy will be two months old tomorrow and in those two months I feel like I have learnt A LOT! From the fact that babies really enjoy shitting as soon as they have a nice clean nappy on, to how you can never have too many breast pads. It has definitely been a big learning curve but two months in and I think I have found my favourite things that make the madness a little easier to deal with.

Fire Stick– I actually bought Aaron a Fire stick for Christmas last year and we used it on and off when we fancied, but since I’ve been on maternity and Teddy arrived, I have used it almost everyday. It keeps all the on demand channels in one place, along with Netflix and Amazon video. Nothing gets you through the cluster feeds like binge watching a new TV series. Netflix especially has been a god-send, they’ve recently added some new films and it’s also home to lots of true crime programmes which I love!

Snacks– All the food. All of it. I don’t know if it’s the breastfeeding or the fact that I am a greedy bitch..but I am always so hungry! Whenever I place a food order online now I always make sure there are plenty of snacks to fill my cupboards and fridge with. Not gonna’ lie, the majority aren’t healthy but hey. Can’t win them all.

Comfy Clothes– I pretty much live in loungewear at the minute. If we aren’t out & about and just enjoying a chilled day at home, I guarantee you will find me in a comfy pair of jogging bottoms and baggy, booby accessible t-shirt. That is if I’ve managed to change out of my PJ’s…

Amazon Prime– You think you’ve bought everything you could possibly need for your baby before they arrive? Think again. Next day delivery has been a god send! There is nothing like realising you are down to your last pack of nappies and they’ll only last a day or two (at a push) due to the fact your kid loves nothing more than explosive thunder shits!

Kindle– Mine is the original kindle so the screen doesn’t light up, so I have actually been making use of the Kindle app on my phone! I love reading but find it hard to find the time during the day so to pass the time during the night feeds, I’ve been catching up!

Large Water Bottle– Especially during the night feeds! I fill it to the brim with my beverage of choice, usually vimto *yum* before we head up to bed and drink it throughout the night. I get so thirsty, particularly at night and I don’t want to waste time whilst Teddy is sleeping, running downstairs to make a drink.

I’d love to know your mummy essentials?! What got you through the early days?

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