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Hi Everyone, my name is Rebecca and I have two gorgeous babies. Rosie who is 4 years old and Miyah who is four months. I am the proud owner of my blog,

I never thought I would become a parent. My family had enough children and I was always surrounded by little tiny feet, and I was happy about that. Then in March 2013 I found out I was pregnant at the age of 14. It was not how I ever imagined and I knew I had to step up. 


Five Things I’ve Learnt Since Becoming A Mummy

  1. All babies are different. I watched my sisters and cousins grow, thinking that having a baby would be easy. Oh how wrong was I?!

2. It isn’t all about you anymore. I thought I would still have all my friends and I could still be the person I was before. I wasn’t at all. My life was devoted to keeping this little human safe.

3. You can learn to go a whole day on only two hours sleep, and you can do it well!

4. You soon learn to know the difference between cries, from hungry to pain and you know exactly which one it is.

5. You can do everything one handed, it’s a parenting skill! Baby in one hand and baking a cake in the other!

How Is Motherhood Different?
    Motherhood is so different to how I expected. To be honest I never though I was going to be a mum so this is strange. It is so difficult from a stroppy 4 year old to a crying newborn but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I get amazing cuddles and lovely smiles everyday from them both. Being a mum has taken its toll, I don’t have much of a social life neither do i ever think of anything I could buy for myself. Everything is about kids but that is what happens when you become a parent. Everything is about your kids, and that’s the way I love it!

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