Fifteen Things You Should Never Say To A Pregnant Woman.

Pregnancy is a worrying and confusing time for any woman whether it’s their first or third baby. So the last thing she needs is everyone else’s opinion. Especially those that she didn’t ask for. People really need to think about what they’re saying before they open their mouths. Here are fifteen things you should never say to a pregnant woman.

1. Was It Planned?Does it really matter? I am obviously sharing the news regardless and because i’m excited about it.

2. Oh, Your Planning On Breastfeeding? wipe that shocked ‘REALLY?’ expression off your face. Although as long as my baby is fed and healthy, does it really matter HOW they are fed?

3. Wow, Your Bump Is So Big! Jee, thanks for your input.

4. Wow, Your Bump Is So Small! Jee, thanks for your input.

5. Should You Be Eating That? Shouldn’t You Be Eating Salad? Bitch, If I order a salad, something is seriously wrong with me and you should slap it out of my hand.

6. Can I Touch Your Belly? If your family or close friends, sure go ahead. If you are a stranger or someone I have never had a conversation with. Then no, you really can’t. Why because you are pregnant do people think they can suddenly come over to you and start rubbing your belly?!

7. Will You Have More Kids? I haven’t even given birth to my first baby yet, so slow the F down. However I can’t imagine only having one baby and them being an only child. I love having a sister & brother and I would love my child to experience having siblings.

8. I Hope It’s A Boy! Why? Because I have three nieces?! I don’t have any children of my own so doers it really matter what gender my child is?! Also, what difference does it make to you?!

9. Will You Come Back To Work? Probably, I mean, babies are expensive. Although if I do decide to stay at home and look after them myself, that’s fine too! Myself & Aaron will decide what we plan to do. I don’t know why other people feel they need to know as well.

10. You Think You’re Tired Now, Just Wait Until The Baby Is Here! Fuck Off. Waking up every 2 hours is not my idea of fun and if I say I am tired, I am! I know i’ll be tired when the baby is here, you don’t need to keep reminding me.

11. What Names Have You Picked? We aren’t telling anyone. You’ll find out when they are born. The fact that they then respond with ‘Why aren’t you telling me, it’s not like i’m going to steal it?’ makes me want to punch them in the face.

12. You Are You Going To Want An Epidural! I’ll decide that by myself when the time comes and I do decide to have one, it has nothing to do with your advice, which BTW I didn’t ask for.

13. Oh It’s Just Your Hormones. No my friend, my hormones are perfectly fine. You are just a massive twat.

14. You Look So Tired, Are You Getting Enough Sleep? I am tired, but thanks for feeling the need to point out the fact that I look like utter crap.

15. How Much Weight Have You Gained? How much weight have YOU gained?! I am growing a frigging human & whether I put on 1/2/3/4 stone, that’s the way it is & none of your business.

It was actually hard narrowing this list down to fifteen! I may do a part two. Is there any comment in particular that someone said to you, whilst you were expecting, that has stood out? 


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