For Christmas, my mum bought me a lovely Mum to Be Gift Box from NSpa, it includes a Moisturising Bump Butter, Nourishing Stretch Mark Oil, a Soothing Nipple Balm (oh how glamorous) and a Deep Cleansing Mud Mask.
These are the first pregnancy related skin care products I have used and so far I am really enjoying them! The only product I haven’t tried is the Soothing Nipple Balm, which I am saving for when Baby C is actually here and destroying my nipples..(pray for the nipples!!)
I love to use the Nourishing Stretch Mark Oil every night before I get in bed, you only really need a couple of drops as a little goes a long way. As I realised when I was a little heavy handed with the dispensing of the product and ended up looking like a contestant from a bodybuilding contest. 
I just use a couple of drops, warm it up between my palms and then rub in circular motions across my bump and hips. I don’t actually think this will help prevent stretch marks, if you are going to get are going to get them and I am completely fine with that. It just feels nice to have a little pamper.
After every shower, once I have dried myself off, I lather myself in the Moisturising Bump Butter. It contains Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E and leaves my skin feeling so amazingly soft and nourished. It also smells lovely. This has been particularly helpful over the past few weeks as my bump has become quite itchy and this cream helps to cool and soothe my tummy.
These two products combined leave my bump feeling so lovely and soft. Hopefully the Nipple Balm will do the same..
This would be a lovely gift for any mummy’s to be that you know, maybe for a upcoming birthday or baby shower. 
Which skincare have you been loving? Are there any products that you swore by when you were pregnant? 

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