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On Saturday I am jetting off for my first girly holiday, to Morocco for a hen do! I am so excited and the weather is supposed to be AMAZING whilst we are there. I can’t wait to have a relaxing long-weekend in the sun. It is very much needed. 
One thing I have really been struggling with is packing my case! To keep costs down we have opted to just take hand luggage and at the time that was all well and good, however as it gets nearer to the time i’m panicking slightly. When it comes to holidays I am a slight overpacker, ‘it might come in useful, oh I might wear that, just incase..’ is how I pack the majority of my suitcase. That can’t be the case when it comes to packing with just the carry on luggage allowance. I’ve browsed the internet and found some tips & tricks on how to make the most of a small allowance..
The Benefits-
  • Less Stress At The Airport: I am not the biggest fan of airports. My anxiety and stress levels at are an all time high, not just because of the whole flying thing but I think it’s the whole, once you’re in the airport, that’s it. Then you have the added stress of checking it your case, whether it’s going to be overweight, the panic that it might not get to the right airport..ARGH. It’s all stress we don’t need for a short break. You can collect your boarding card & go right through to security, it’s such a time-saver and you won’t have to worry about a missing suitcase when you land!
  • Ease of Transportation: It’s so much easier to get around with a nifty little carry-on, than it is with a huge suitcase. You can get on a crowded bus or train without the worry of taking someone out!
  • No Waiting For Bags: The one thing I absolutely HATE about travelling is having to wait for your suitcases at the other end. You’ve finally landed, you can smell the sunshine and the strawberry daquiris, the last thing you can be arsed with is waiting in a stuffy airport for a case. The perks of only having carry-on luggage is that by the time other people have waited for their case, got on their transfers and arrived at the are on your second cocktail and burning to a lovely shade of lobster. 
Top Tips For Airport-
  • Check Luggage Restrictions: Make sure you check with your airline what their luggage restrictions are, in the sense of, are you only allowed ONE piece of hand luggage, or do they allow your carry-on case and a small handbag to keep your passport, boarding pass and phone in. You could risk taking a small handbag anyway, just make sure there is room in your case to shove the bag incase they are being really strict and won’t allow two pieces of hand luggage. 
  • Check Weight Allowance: Double & triple check your weight allowance. You don’t want to be packing loads of unnecessary crap, just for you to be lumbered with a massive charge for an overweight bag.
  • Toiletries: Don’t forget that with hand-luggage there are restrictions to your liquids. You are only allowed toiletries in bottles of 100ml, and they can equal up to a litre. So 10x100ml bottles. I’ve bought the little travel bottles from Primark, you get three 100ml bottles and a small pot, for £1. I then decant shower gel, shampoo & conditioner, makeup remover ect into them. You also need to make sure that they are stored in a clear toiletry bag, also keep the bag within easy access so you can easily get it out for security checks.
Top Tips For Packing-
  • Plan Outfits In Advance: Don’t think seperate pieces, think outfits. Take a picture of your favourite outfits, so you only take the clothes you need. Do you really need 4 pairs of shoes for a three day trip? not likely, no. Take a pair of denim shorts, but two different tops, so you can mix and match. 
  • Take What You Love: Only take outfits and bikinis you know you like! Don’t buy a new dress, take it on holiday without trying it on, only to get there and hate how it looks on. That’s a waste of space in your case. Also, don’t pack a dress that you’ve had for ages and haven’t worn in months. There’s a reason you haven’t reached for it recently. 
  • Start With The Essentials: It’s no good packing 10 bikinis, but having no sun cream and toothpaste! Make sure you prioritise! Passport, phone, travel insurance documents, sun protectant and medication are the most important things to make sure you have with you.
  • Roll Your Clothes, Don’t Fold: Pretty self explanatory, roll your dresses, playsuits, vest tops. You’ll save so much more space than you would if you folded them.
  • Wear Your Heaviest Items In The Airport: I always take a hoodie or jumper on holiday with me, just for something cosy and comfy on the plain mainly but they aren’t the lightest piece of clothing, so I always make sure I wear it to the airport. The same goes for sun hats, rather than taking up lots of suitcase space with a giant straw hat, wear it.
  • Share Toiletries: Whilst away i’ll be sharing a room with my best friend so we have decided to share toiletries between us. There is no need to take two toothpastes, shower gels and sun creams. Sharing is caring.
Those are just some of the tips i’ve found and it has definitely helped ease my mind when it comes to packing my carry-on case. I’d love to hear your top tips? 

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