Five Favourites.


Favourite Thing I’ve Watched: Outlander Outlander Outlander! I’m so sad that the end of series 2 is almost upon us. For those of you don’t know Outlander is based on the historic, time-travel Outlander book series by Diana Gabaldon. The first series starts off with Claire, a married World War II nurse in 1945, finds herself transported back to Scotland in 1743. She meets the amazingly gorgeous highland warrior Jamie Fraser and it goes from there… It has just been signed up for a third AND fourth series so you really should check it out. It’s currently exclusive to Amazon Prime, or you can find it online. 
Favourite Thing I’ve Listened To: For my 24th birthday, which was on 12th June FYI, Aaron got me a Crosley Cruiser record player that I have been eyeing up for AGES, in this amazing turquoise colour. My brother also got me two records, Taylor Swift’s 1989 and Adele’s 25. I’ve loved listening to them both, in particularly Adele. She is just..incredible. I am completely girl crushing on her at the moment.
Favourite Thing I’ve Done: Again, for my birthday, Aaron bought us tickets to go and watch Chitty The Musical in Sheffield! I had been really looking forward to the show, especially once I found out that Carrie Hope Fletcher was going to be taking over the role of Truly Scrumptious! I’m a huge fan of Carrie so I was really excited that I would FINALLY be able to watch her perform live and she didn’t let me down! The whole show was amazing. It is about an hour and forty minutes from Manchester to Sheffield and the whole way down we listened to the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang soundtrack, Aaron acted like he didn’t want to but that didn’t stop him from joining in. We stayed overnight in Sheffield and it was just lovely to have a break from home. The tour is ongoing until the 4th January, travelling all over the country. You can find tickets here.
Favourite Book I’ve Read: If you haven’t heard of A Court Of Mist & Fury (ACOMAF) then where the hell have you been?! it is the sequel to A Court of Thorns & Roses (ACOTAR) by Sarah.J.Maas who also writes the Throne Of Glass series. ACOTAR is a blending of Beauty & The Beast with magical faerie lore. The series is absolutely incredible, and as much as I loved the first book in the series. NOTHING could prepare me for my love for ACOMAF. If you have read the book you will understand, holy shitters. It’s just..beyond words. Please give this series a go! The third book is due to be released at the beginning of May next year, it saddens me that I have to wait that long. 
Favourite Person: My best friend Lindsay. She is just..I love her! We completely understand each other and she can make me laugh until I cry. We take the piss out ourselves and each other and we love each other at the end of it. We can know what the other person is thinking with just one look. I’m going away with her THIS weekend (woohoo) for a long weekend and I can’t bloody wait. 4 days of laughter, cocktails and sunshine. Lindsay, you won’t be reading this but just so you know, you’re fucking awesome. 

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