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Favourite Thing I’ve Watched: Doctor Who!!! Aaron & I have started watching the show again, back from when it was revamped with Christopher Eccleston. I started watching the show back in 2005 when it first came back, but stopped after David Tennant left, for obvious reasons. (He’s David Tennant! *man crush*) Then a few weeks ago, Aaron decided he wanted to give the show a go, having never watched it before & I was more than happy to oblige. We are currently on season 3 and I am preparing myself for the inevitable, in having to welcome Matt Smith as the Doctor. I’m still not sure how I feel…

Favourite Thing I Have Listened To: Dare I say it..Justin Bieber. Yes i’ve said it, I am 100% a Belieber! What Do You Mean & Sorry are just..SO good! I literally can’t stop listening to them. 
I’m also absolutely loving Little Mix, they are definitely my girl crushes at the minute, that’s right..all four of them. Their new album Get Weird is perfection, there isn’t a single song I don’t love. At the minute “I Won’t” is my absolute favourite! 
Favourite Thing I’ve Done: November has been an amazing month for me so far, i’ve done so many incredible things. Aaron & I along with our best friends went into Manchester for Aaron’s birthday. We headed to Turtle Bay, an incredible Caribbean restaurant, then to The Alchemist for cocktails. I also went to see Alan Carr live with my Mum & he was hilarious! I am huge fan of his and love everything he does. 
I also got my first tattoo which for people who know me, will know how massive that is! Due to my anxiety I am reluctant to try new things, especially things that may hurt or are permanent. I plan to do a post on it & give you a peek at what I got at some point soon!
I am also heading to Bruges next weekend with my Mum for the Christmas Markets and I am so excited!!!! I have lots of blog posts planned and would love any recommendations you may have for me.
Favourite Website: Hands down..Pinterest. I love this website so much! As it is coming up to Christmas I am always on the hunt for creative ideas and home decor inspiration. Pinterest is the first place I go for all of these. You can find my Pinterest here.

Favourite People: As cliche as it sounds, and trust does..the blogging community. I’ve honestly met/spoke to some amazing girls. They are so supportive and encouraging. I took part in a blogging chat this week & I just realised how lucky I am to be part of such an amazing thing. 

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  1. I also downloaded the Justin Bieber album recently and was ashamed to admit i love it, I still can't believe I publicly admit that lol! I'm a Pinterest addict as well, I could literally spend hour after hour and day after day on there, in fact I do

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