Slimming World | An Update #2

  When you feel like giving up look how far you have come  #quote:
I joined Slimming World back in February and it has had, let’s just’s ups and downs. At the start of the ‘diet/lifestyle change’ whatever the hell you want to call it, I was so strict and determined. I hardly had anything naughty and I stuck to my meal plans and shopping lists. I really wanted to do well and I know you shouldn’t, but I did get a little competitive. It’s natural. I wanted to do better every week and I was pretty harsh on myself really. 
Then the inevitable happened and I completely lost it, for about 3 weeks I piss arsed about. Eating what I wanted, whenever I wanted. I still went back every week to group and I knew every week that I was going to see the weight creep back on and it did. +1, +3, +2..ect. Until I was pretty much back where I started, except for maybe a lb or 2.
It got to the point where I hated myself. I knew I only had myself to blame, no one forced me to have KFC, pizza and Mcdonalds. I just couldn’t stop myself. Once you’ve fallen off it’s so hard to get back into the right frame of mind. I always used to judge people before I started Slimming World, like ‘how hard can it be to lose weight and stick it it, god!!’…
It’s really bloody hard.
It’s like, when you eat something bad, you’re mind remembers all the deliciously naughty things you can have and before you know it, you’ve ordered Pizza Hut online, sat with a bottle of Kopparburg and a Salted Caramel Galaxy bar is on the side waiting for you.. Yes this did actually happen. On more than one occasion. I have no shame….
I managed to get back on it for a week or two..and I was really disappointed. I had really tried and stuck to it and only managed to lose half a lb a week. It gets to the stage where you think, what’s the point? You just look at a Mcdonald’s and manage to put on 2lb, yet when you really stick to it and be really lose the tiniest amount.. I need to remember that i’m only 23 and stop being so hard on myself! If I want a cocktail, i’ll have one. I just need to pull it back throughout the week, save my syns up. 
Slimming World is amazing, Aaron couldn’t believe the things we can eat! Burgers, pasta, kebabs, ect it’s just homemade, using fresh ingredients rather than a takeaway version. It really does work when you stick to it! I’m really determined now to get back into it, i’m sick to death of looking at my body and not liking what I see, comparing myself to everyone on Instagram who’s skinnier or has a better bum than me..I do that alot. I am really horrible to myself. If someone else said the things to me, that I think about myself, i’d tell them to go **** themselves, but I find it acceptable for ME to think them about ME? How does that work?
Are any of you on Slimming World? How do you stay motivated.
*Originally wrote this post on another blog of mine that I started, but decided to give FRC another go & I really wanted to share this post.

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  1. I do Slimming World and I'm at university so I completely know what you mean! I'm way too harsh on myself sometimes but I've got to remember I'm still young and I shouldn't have to deprive myself!
    The way I keep myself motivated is knowing how far I've come and that I can do it and the only person standing in that way is me! I want to look good and lose weight and which is better eating a McDonald's that will only keep my happy for a short amount of time or losing weight which will make me feel amazing in the long run, it's all about the balance and it takes a while to get the balance right.
    I wish you all the luck in the world with your slimming world journey! You can do this and remember you are doing this for you and no one else!
    Paige xox

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