10 Things I Love About Autumn.


1. The Colours. Whether that’s the colour of the leaves or the colour of my lipsticks. I just love the deep reds and purples..
2. Scarves & hats. I love nothing more than pulling my big cosy hat and bundling up in my scarf!
3, Halloween YAY, I am like a child when it comes to Halloween. I love decorating the house, having Halloween parties and trick or’ treaters! 
4. Chunky Knits <3 Jumpers, cardigans or name it. It’s fluffy and cosy..i’ll pretty much live in it the whole of Autumn/Winter.
5. Hot Chocolates. I don’t drink tea or coffee at all & although I may drink the occasional hot chocolate throughout the whole year, there’s something extra special about a hot chocolate when the weather is cold, Especially in your favourite mug. WITH EXTRA MARSHMALLOWS.. and a grated up Flake?!!! *heads into the kitchen*
6. Staying Indoors..I’m a little old lady, there’s no doubt about it. I love getting cosy, lighting the candles, putting my fairy lights, firing up Netflix and not moving ALL NIGHT. *Hello my names Rachael and I am a recluse*.. The cold weather is the perfect excuse to stay indoors and you don’t look like an ignorant so & so..
7. Films. Whether that be Halloween or Christmas films. They are ALL my favourite, particularly Hocus Pocus & Elf!!! I’d watch them all year if I could.
8. The Weather, not when it’s raining!! But when it’s refreshing and got that SLIGHT chill in the air. The perfect excuse to live in your biggest jumpers and not look like a complete knob.
9. Christmas is a’ coming!!!! Need I say more..?
10. For all you ladies out there,,NO SHAVING! YAY WOO. Holiday season is *pretty much* officially over, meaning no summer dresses, bikinis or shorts. So your legs can go full on chewbacca mode and no one will have a bloody clue! For all those women right now saying *Oh I shave at least once a week, my legs are silky smooth all the time*.. stop chatting shite. Your legs are covered up in jeans, tights or leggings. Embrace the hairiness. You need all the warmth you can get!
What do you love about Autumn? 

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