Izabelle Hammon Beauty Launch.


Last Sunday was super busy and I spent the entire day in Manchester City Centre. I met up with the extremely lovely Rachel (Lost In Lipstick) and our first stop was Professional Beauty North at Manchester Central and it was C-RAZY. So many people and stalls, I felt a little panicky at one point but calmed myself down and enjoyed the experience. We then headed to Almost Famous, a gorgeous burger place and oh ma god..they are absolutely delicious! I definitely recommend going there if you are anywhere near the Northern Quarter of the city. Our last stop for the day was a launch party hosted by Izabelle Hammon, It was every girls dream if you are into nails and nail art, we were given a box to fill up of different nail wraps, stickers, nail art pens and studs to take away with us and try them at home ourselves, a real DIY manicure, which I took full advantage of.
We were also given a masterclass by professional nail technicians, showing us how to achieve different looks ‘monochrome, embellished..there was something for everyone. Via their website here you can create all the different looks from your own home, super easy. I’m definitely going to be practicing so expect a few nail art posts popping up on my blog!
The event was held in the gorgeous Midland Hotel, in a beautiful private room hosting a photobooth, a pick & mix table and nail art tables. There was also a section where you could get colour matched to an eyebrow palette by Christian Beauty.
I had a lovely day and picked up some amazing goodies! I love attending events like these. it’s an amazing way to meet new people and be introduced to new brands..some which you grow to love!!
Are you a fan of events? Which has been your favourite of 2014 so far? 

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  1. Oo The Midland hotel, always looked nice from the outside! I shall have to keep an eye out on what is on at the gmex, I like the sound of that show. Are you doing a post on it at all?

    Amy at Amy & More

  2. Oh wow this sounds and looked like a gorgeous event, Iam yet to go to one but hopefully soon xxx

  3. Oh wow, how did you get invited to that! Good for you, that's awesome! Great post! <3

    Brooklynn | That Brooklynn Paige

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