The Skort of all Skorts.

The skort was first worn in the 60’s by golfers who wanted ‘the freedom of shorts with the soft lines of a skirt” and soon became a favourite for female professional golf tour. 
It was Zara who actually the skort back this Summer as part of their Nineties sport-luxe, although the high-street is packed with them! I actually picked this one up from River Island and I love it!
The best thing about skorts is that you can wear a short skirt, but still keep your modesty in tact with the comfy shorts underneath. Knickers flashing? Surprise gust of wind? No need to worry, the skort has got it covered..literally. I love the tulip shape of this skirt, as it’s so flattering. It keeps your thighs covered and worn high waisted it tucks in/hides your stomach, both areas which i’m not a fan of.
I wore this high waisted with a white scalloped crop top from Topshop, and tan sandals.  
Have you worn a skort this year? 


  1. July 12, 2014 / 7:16 pm

    I love the tulip cut. I haven't bought/worn a skort since I was a kid but I noticed they were coming back. This one is adorable.

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