Picnics & Rowing Boats.


Recently in England the weather has been beautiful! Usually we have rain and wind, but for the past few weeks it has been so warm and sunny. We definitely make the most of it.
Last week Aaron and & decided to go for a picnic at Heaton Park, it is a huge family park, owned my Manchester City Council. There’s an animal centre, cafes and play areas. There’s something for everyone. 
The park is surrounded by huge fields, the perfect spot for a picnic. We stopped off at the supermarket and picked up some yummy picnic food; cocktail sausages, fresh fruit ect. 
After stuffing our faces and doing a spot of sunbathing, we decided to go for a walk around the park. On the way round we spotted a lake that offered rowing boats! I’ve not been on a rowing boat for ages, so I was really excited. We stepped on and Aaron took charge of rowing…it was..interesting to say the least. Haha! 
Aaron waited until we were drifting out, to say he didn’t know HOW to row a boat, luckily he soon got the hang of it and we had an amazing time. At only £8.50 for up to 4 people, for 45 minutes..I think it’s worth it! I tried taking over the rowing for a while but didn’t realise how much upper body strength you need! It was definitely harder than it looked, and I was a complete fail. 
On our way back out of the park, we stopped off for an ice-cream, the weather was SO HOT, it was exactly what we needed to cool down. I did end up getting a little bit sun burnt. For a change..
Aaron & I have been together for 6 years and I think it is so important to make time to still do things together, whether that be a picnic, cinemas or even cooking a meal together. It is so hard to get wrapped up in housework and working full time, that you forget to take time out and spend some quality time together. It is something we always try and do, I just hope we can stick to it!

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