Home Wishlist #2 | Kitchen

Home Wishlist #2 | Kitchen

I think the room i’m most excited about designing and decorating is the kitchen! As we are moving into a cottage stoned terrace, we want to keep the whole house quite cottage/contemporary..if that makes sense?

I think in the kitchen we are going to go with white tiled walls, laminate flooring with..either white or really light blue cupboards and wooden worktop. As I said in my living room wishlist (found here) we want to keep the house as bright as possible, using light colours throughout.

Next Home:
I love Next Home so much, I always see things I want when I go in. I don’t actually drink tea or coffee, I know shock horror, but Aaron does and so does a lot of my family and I love these glass containers. I like how you can see what’s inside them..strange. We already have a glass chopping board but I really like this wooden heart shaped one, I think it will look really nice and cute. Don’t need much more of a reason than that to buy it do I? Nope. We are actually having a Farmhouse/Belfast style sink in the kitchen which i’m SOOO excited for. For those of you who don’t know what kind that is, it’s a ceramic sink, which sits in the worktop but you can see the whole thing..link for a picture here. The picture will explain it better than I can, haha! These sinks don’t come with drainers so we are having to buy one that has a tray underneath to catch the water that drains off..derr, obviously, so yeah 🙂 Plus I really like this one from Next, as some we looked at were not very nice looking.

Marks & Spencers Home:
Marks & Spencers isn’t really a shop I go into, as I tend to think of it as an ‘older person’ shop. However, on a recent trip in to get some of their hot cross buns, which my mum claims are the best ones, I thought i’d have a quick browse in the home section and I instantly fell in love with so many different things. Firstly, can we just take a minute to appreciate a STRAWBERRY SLICER, I have never even heard of these existing, am I really late to the party?! It would be so lazy to use one of these, but just..I think I need one, just to have one in my life. Next this slate cake stand, I think it would look so nice on the worktop with lovely fresh, homemade cakes on it. It would also be great for bbqs, to take outside and have on your patio table. I’m gonna be the hostess with the mostess.

What is your must have item in your kitchen? Have you ever heard of a strawberry slicer?!


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  1. June 4, 2014 / 12:12 am

    I love that Next dish rack. I absolutely agree with you, Next home is just amazing. And I want to buy it all! I've never heard of a strawberry slicer either! 🙂

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