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Beautysets - Fashion Wishlist
There are so many things that I am lusting over at the minute, especially when it comes to fashion and clothing. 
Monochrome Zig Zag Shorts: I love these kind of shorts, they are really loose fitting and comfy. They look great in the summer with bare legs and sandals, or when the weather gets a little colder you can just throw on a pair of tights, a blazer some nice ankle boots and you’re good to go.
Knitted Needle Punch Jumper: How cute is this jumper?! I love the effect, the grey and the pink is just lovely. I think this will be great to just throw on with a pair of denim shorts and sandals, or with a nice pair of skinny jeans and converse. It’s so versatile and looks unbelievably cosy.
River Island:
Silver Glitter Block Heel Jelly Shoes: Simply because these shoes made my childhood. I always thought I was the coolest kid ever when I had these shoes on. I think they’ll look great in Summer, and who doesn’t want to be reminded of their youth and the good ol’ days…*sob*.
Blue Tartan Buckle Trim Wrap Skirt: This skirt screams Clueless to me! I can just imagine wearing it when knee high socks and a matching blazer..which I wouldn’t, but Cher would. I think this skirt is better for whilst the weather is still a bit nippy, and you can wear it with tights and ankle boots. This skirt won’t be for everyone, but with a plain, collared shirt and black tights or knee high socks it won’t be too in your face, just the right amount of it.
Black V Neck Cami Top: This is mainly on this wishlist because Aaron has JUST successfully burned a hole in my current one! Don’t ask how, just know I wasn’t impressed. I think everyone needs a black cami top in their wardrobe, they are perfect dressed up and down, and so easy to do so. I, or should I say Aaron, will definitely be buying on asap. 
What are you currently lusting over? 

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