Blogger Love Tag.

I’ve seen this tag knocking about the blogging world for quite some time now, and just thought it was such a lovely idea to share some blogger love. 
1. First blog you came across? I think the very first blog I cam across was Dizzy Brunette, written by the lovely Corrie. I still read it to this day!
2. Favourite blog reads? They would have to be..Gh0stpartiesVivianna Does MakeupNouvelle DailyThe Londoner and Bonjour Luce.
3. Best blogging friend? I’ve met so many lovely girls, but i’d have to say Rachel from Lost in Lipstick. We’ve met a couple of times and text regularly and we really get on! We always have a good giggle and chat.
4. Name a blog that enables your purchases? Definitely Lily Pebbles, especially when it comes to skincare! I know whatever product she recommends, i’m going to love it.
5. 5 blogs everyone should follow? Lily MelroseI Covet TheeThe LondonerJenny Purr and The Sunday Girl.
6. Favourite way to read blogs? Definitely via Bloglovin, i’m on there literally every day. 
7. Bloggers who inspire you? Definitely Kate, from Gh0stparties, she runs her own blog AND Nouvelle Daily whilst uploading regular Youtube videos. I don’t know how she does it!
8. Favourite blog design? I love really simple, clear, clean designs. Similar to Lily Pebbles and Vivianna Does Makeup.
9. Favourite thing about blogging? Having people that read and (hopefully) enjoy my ramblings. Also meeting like minded people! I love having blogging in common.
10. Name a blogger who you would most like to write a book? Wow, ermm..i’m not sure, there’s so many. Maybe Lisa Eldridge
I tag everyone who reads this! I hope you like the tag, let me know if you do it 🙂

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