Very Berry Smoothie | Recipe#10

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Whenever I go to a cafe or restaurant of any sort, if there are smoothies on the menu, I will order one! My favourite are berry or citrusy based smoothies! Whenever I walk past a smoothie bar, I always without fail order one. Damn you healthy, refreshing, delicious drinks!!
To try and save a few pennies, me and Aaron decided to have a go at making our own! We opted for a berry based smoothie, as we had some frozen berries and strawberries already in.
  • 2 handful of frozen berries.
  • a handful of strawberries, sliced in half.
  • 1 small banana, sliced.
  • water, however much depending on how thin or thick you would like your smoothie.
  • After cutting up your strawberries and banana, put all the fruit in a jug.
  • Add in your water, you could actually use milk or yoghurt for this, I just opted for water as it’s healthier :).
  • Using a hand whisk, whisk all the ingredients together until you have the texture you desire. I like mine quite thin, without any lumps of fruit.
I was so impressed with how these turned out, I know they’re super easy but I was still sceptical as to how they’d actually turn out. They tasted amazing, really fresh and fruity!
I’m definitely going to be making these by the jug full in the Summer, maybe using some different fruits!
What are your favourite flavour smoothies? I’d love to know.

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