The Sunday Post #3

1, First ever Wagamamas with the blogging girls. 2, Clean makeup brushes. 3, Finally emptied my purse. 4, The weather I can look forward to. 5, This smells incredible. 6, Lots of blogging planning is happening.

This Week:
This week I have been on countdown for my holiday..which is TODAY. As you are reading this I will be at the Airport waiting to board my flight, spending far too much money in Duty Free no doubt. 
On monday I also attended another Manchester meetup, I have a post coming up at some point next week. I met up with some of the girls beforehand and enjoyed a delicious Wagamamas. 
My brain and body is definitely in holiday mode, I have absolutely no energy and I am looking forward to a week in the sun.
Next Week:
In the coming week, I will be kicking back and relaxing in the sun, with a cocktail in hand! I’m looking forward to spending some quality girly time with my mum. Don’t worry, I have lots of posts scheduled for FRC, including Drugstore Favourites, Holiday Beauty Picks and details on the Manchester Meetup 🙂
I hope you guys have all had a good week and enjoyed your weekend!


  1. February 23, 2014 / 9:10 pm

    Have a smashing time away!

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