The Sunday Post #2

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1, DIY Sunday. 2, New blogging/dressing table. 3, Homemade banana pancakes. 4, Pub selfie. 5,Catching up on some blogs. 6, Jumping on some bandwagons. 7, Favourite raspberry lemonade. 8, Valentines meal. 9, Bed, maltesers & American Horror Story.
This Week:
This week has been pretty relaxed and not much has been happening. Aaron & I built my new Ikea Malm Dressing Table, which I love. Perfect for my makeup and to blog at. I also went to the pub to spend some quality time with my dad, we had a couple of drinks and had a good catch up. 
I also went shopping and out for dinner with my mum, sister and youngest niece, where I spent too much money in Boots and River Island..damn, holiday shopping will be the death of me..or my bank card, either one is pretty sad.
Valentines Day also graced us with it’s presence this week, where i’m not a huge fan of Valentines and we don’t go all out with soppy messages and huge gifts, we did enjoy a lovely meal at home with candles. que the *awwwwws* I know, so damn cute. We also booked a week away for November, for Aaron’s birthday, get away from the crappy British weather. 
I’ve been completely hooked on American Horror Story the past couple of weeks, and i’m currently on the third season, which I must admit i’m not enjoying it as much as the others. Season 2 I think is my favourite..
I’ve been hooked on the Divergent books! There are 3 in the series, and I think I read them all in a couple of days. They are similar to the Hunger Games but..darker. The film is due to be released in..March I think, and I can’t effin wait. I would definitely recommend reading the books first, maybe for you kindle readers, download a free sample like I did first, and see what you think.
Next Week:
In the coming week, i’ll be working *yawn*, for a change and also going visiting my friends lovely new baby Lucy Violet, she’s so gorgeous and can’t wait to have a cuddle! On Sunday afternoon me and my mum are flying out to Tunisia for a girly week in the sun. I really can’t wait. Cocktails, sun and swimming pools are calling my name. 

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