Homemade Sour Cream & Chive Dip | Recipe#9

It doesn’t look like much does it?! I’ll have you all know, that it tastes so god damn good! Just the right amount of garlic and chives to give the dip a real good kick. 
  • 50ml sour cream
  • 2tbsp low fat mayo
  • garlic, as much as you like, we used about a teaspoon..we’re garlic fanatics though. Screw the bad breathe and pass us the cloves!
  • 1tbsp finely chopped chives.
  • Mix the sour cream and mayo together, until blended.
  • Add the garlic and chives, stir.
Voila..done. So simple yet delicious. I served this with our homemade wedges, recipe can be found here.  I love how something so simple can taste so good, and it’s healthy which is an added bonus. I’d love to know any dip recipes you know, as they are a great accompaniment for so many dishes. 

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