The Sunday Post | This Week’s Most Loved..#1


This week i’ve been loving new products and also rediscovering old ones. Either way, they are products that I have been using religiously throughout the week.
I’ve had my Ipad for a while now, since my 21st birthday in June, but just recently i’ve been obsessed with it. Using it for browsing through bloglovin, watching youtube videos and researching new recipes..I don’t know what I did before I had one. It also hosts my Kindle, which I couldn’t live without. I am a complete book nerd, I read everyday, without fail. Losing my ipad would be like losing my right AND left arm.
My latest fragrance is Jo Malone’s Peony Blush & Suede, it’s an absolutely stunning fragrance, one of my favourites yet. It’s floral, yet not to girly and so fresh. I won’t go into too much depth as I have a full raving review here.
Statement necklaces are my favourite thing to wear at the moment, teamed with a plain tee, or a collared shirt, I love them. This gold chain is my most recent addition from River Island and just adds that something extra to what could be just a simple, plain outfit.
My go to mascara at the minute is Benefit They’re Real, so many bloggers and vloggers had raved about this product, and as soon as I got my hands on it at Duty Free last year, I could see what all the fuss was about! It lengthens and volumizes the lashes, without clumping. After using this mascara, I doubt i’ll ever be able to go back to using another, it’d have to be really special!
With Christmas and New Year still taking effect, my skin has been looking a little lack lustre, dull and quite spotty, especially on my chin. If I ever get spots, they always seem to appear on my chin, without fail. Origins Super Spot Remover has been a godsend these past few weeks. It helps reduce redness and spot size overnight! It has a tightening effect, which I actually really like. To me, that means it’s working and actually doing something to the skin. 
What have you been trying lately?

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  1. i've been loving statement necklaces at the moment, they make an outfit look so much more put together xx

  2. I really want to try that Origins spot remover, I've heard such good things!

  3. I really want to try the Jo Malone perfume, everyone I have spoken to says how beautiful it is! x


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