Redken Wind Blown05 Dry Finishing Spray | Review

I never really got the whole wind swept look, it’s only since starting blogging and watching youtube that i’ve thoroughly understood the concept of ‘i’m going to make my hair look like it’s been dragged through a hedge, and own it!’. My hair is quite thick and curly, which leaves it weighed down, lacking volume and bounce. I’ve tried a few volumizing sprays but they leave my hair either greasy or crispy. If that makes sense..
Since using the Redken Dry finishing Spray* i’ve fallen head over heels! It gives my hair a lovely amount of volume, without leaving the hair feeling dry. It also acts great as a hairspray. With finishing sprays i’ve used in the past, the lasting power isn’t great. Giving the hair great volume at first, but soon wearing off and taking my hair back to it’s usual lack lustre self. That definitely isn’t the case with this bay boy. I went to a friends house on Saturday and after about 4 hours, one of the girls asked me what I had used on my hair to give it so much volume, and when I looked in the mirror, it hadn’t dropped at all from when I first sprayed it on my hair. It leaves my hair naturally tousled and with a soft matte finish.
I just flip my hair upside down, and spray all over, before shaking the hair out. At just £11.10 via lookfantastic, it is a complete bargain and honestly worth every penny. I have already ordered another one, ready for the day when my current one runs out. Organised or obsessed? I’m not sure… 
What are your tousled, volumizing hair heroes? I’d love to know.

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