Sephora Eye Makeup Remover | Review


When in shit you don’t need. Excuse the french but that’s the way it is. I picked this up on a complete whim from Sephora when I was in Rhodes, and I pretty much just wanted a Sephora bag. Does anyone else do that? Want to buy something from a shop because of their pretty carrier bags, Selfridges, Liberty’s or Victoria Secrets?!! It can’t just be me.. surely..
As much as I love my Bioderma, it is my holy grail makeup remover, I felt it took quite a while to remove my eye makeup when wearing Benefit They’re Real mascara, maybe i’m just impatient.. well actually I KNOW i’m impatience, but that’s not really the minute.
I picked this little gem up for about 3 euros, a bargain, so I wasn’t really expecting much. I must say, i’m very pleasantly surprised. In the bottle, the liquid separates into two, blue at the bottom and clear at the top. All you have to do is shake it up and you’re on your way. When you’re finished with it, it separates itself again. 
All I do is tear a large cotton wool pad in two, tip a little bit of the makeup remover on each one, and hold them over my eyes for a couple of seconds. Wipe across my eyes, concentrating on my upper lashes and voila. Job well done!
It doesn’t have any harmful nasties in it, so it is great for those with sensitive eyes. I know it won’t be as easy to get hold of over here, without spending a fortune, but if you ever go into a Sephora I would definitely recommend you pick this up. There is a bigger bottle for about 7 euros, but I didn’t want to pick it up, and it not be worth it. Now I wish I had. When I went to the store in Paris, I couldn’t find it 🙁
So that threw that idea out the window, ah well, guess i’ll have to jet off to Rhodes again. Shucks. Such a shame.. 😉

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