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I’ve had a lot of requests for this post via Twitter and emails. Many bloggers that are new to blogging or just haven’t had chance to attend a blog meet/event tend to be a little anxious and shy, but there really is no reason to be. 
My first piece of advice is to ask via Twitter if any other bloggers are attending, get to know them, so when you arrive at the meet, you’ll recognise a few friendly faces. Also meet up with bloggers beforehand! Travel together, or meetup at your destination and travel to the venue together. Send an open invitation via Twitter asking if anyone would like to meet up before, chances are someone will. 
From my experience, i’ve also found it useful to take blogging ‘business’ cards with you, you can either make your own or have some made properly. You can then hand these out to fellow bloggers or brands! Makes it easier than keep writing out your blog address and twitter name. 
Remember, that everyone is in the same situation. There will be at least one other person in the same position as you. Everyone was a ‘newbie’ at some point and all know how it feels to be attending their first meet up. All the ladies I have met so far at events and meet ups have been so amazingly friendly and supportive. 
Don’t be afraid to chat to other bloggers, you all have something amazing in common. BLOGGING. I don’t know about you, but none of my friends blog, so for the chance to meet up with like minded people, is great. I’ve attended quite a few meetups and events and i’m yet to feel uncomfortable with anyone I have spoken to. 
The more meetups and events you attend, the less nervous you will be. You will probably be horrifically nervous for your first meet, I know I was, but you won’t be for your second and by the time you know’ll be the life & soul of the party. Like you’ve been doing it your whole life!
I really hope this helps some of you, and would love to hear your blogging meet/event stories. 🙂

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  1. This was great to read more about meet-ups and events, I've yet to attend one or find one that's in my area but hopefully I get the chance to meet more bloggers soon!

    -Sarah xo

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