5 Minute Makeup

You know them mornings, when your alarm goes off and you decide to give yourself an extra 5 minutes, just resting your weary eyes. Next minute you look and you have to be dressed and out the house in 10 minutes?! Yes, this happened to me only last week. Obviously I blamed Aaron because he LET me go back to sleep.
I threw myself out of bed and charged into the bathroom, quickly washing my face and brushing my teeth, whilst trying to dress myself with one hand. Which may sound very easy, but it really isn’t. 
I’m guessing my body didn’t like the shock of being woken up for the second time and thrown around the house trying to find clothing, and face decided to look like something out of a horror film. I’m sure it did this on purpose because I had woken up late. Just my soddin’ luck. 
I decided, with 5 minutes to spare, that I would throw the bare minimum products onto my face, just to save the people from the outside world having to look at my horrific face.
My go to foundation at the minute is Bourjois Healthy Mix, it blends really easy, which was a saint on a day like this. I used a Real Techniques Face Expert Brush to blend it in. Come on, I may have only had 2 seconds to put foundation on but none-blended in foundation is just a sin! 
I then added a small amount of Topshop’s Cream Blush in Flush, a lovely pink, coral colour, to my cheeks. Just to stop me looking like a character out of The Walking Dead. Saying this, after rushing around the house like a lunatic, my face probably had enough natural flush. Haha’
Collection concealer came in great to help cover the dark circles under my eyes, you’d think with an extra almost half an hour sleep, the dark circles would have been put to bed, (excuse the pun) but oh-no they were there in all their glory for everyone to see. I dabbed a small amount under each eye and blended in with my finger.
To help wake my eyes up, I added Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR in On & On Bronze to my lids, a gorgeous gold/brown/bronze colour, and a flick of Benefit They’re Real Mascara and I was good to go. Well as good as can be with 5 minutes to sort my face out 🙂 I opted out of applying lipstick in fear of looking like the Joker. 
Needless to say..I now set my alarm that little bit more early and I think Aaron is too scared to let me go back to sleep after the frustrated shouting at him last time, whilst running around with my toothbrush in one hand and a sock in the other. Oh so glamourous 😉
I’d love to know you’re horrendous stories of the dreaded ’10 minutes to get ready’. I’m sure i’m not the only one it’s happened to and as fellow beauty fanatics, I think I used 5 of those minutes very wisely, haha.


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