Paris Makeup Picks | Daytime

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All the above are my go to products when it comes to a ‘no makeup, makeup look’. They help cover any blemishes or dark circles, leave my skin looking healthy, waken up my eyes, define my eyebrows and give my lips a lovely nude, pink tint.
During the day, I knew I didn’t really want to be wearing a full face of make up. I still want to look somewhat human, so I will using all these products to look fresh faced and fabulous! (I’ve been watching Sex & The City boxset recently, and find myself quoting Samantha Jones..oops!) Although I may not look fabulous, I look half decent 😉 *haha*
These are the products that I have been wearing quite a lot recently and although it’s less than I would wear usually, I really like it. I never felt confident enough to wear so little make up, as I have quite bad spots on my chin, and they make me horrendously self conscious.
However, once I found these little treasures and realised how well they work together.. I really think less is more. Especially during the day 🙂
Writing this, I’m sat on my sofa, watching more Sex & the City..However..
When you lovely people read this, I will be in Paris!!!!!
Au Revoir! 😉 xx

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