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       1. The Notre Dame 2. Putting our padlock on the ‘love lock’ bridge 3. View from part way up the Eiffel Tower 4. Lovely display in the Laduree window 5. Me! With my Minnie ears, outside Disneyland.
As some of you may know, last week I was away in Paris. Aaron bought me the trip for my 21st birthday, and it was beyond amazing. I felt very lucky to have such a thoughtful and loving other half. Girl did good!!! 😉
We were in Paris for 5 days, and spent everyday, sightseeing, acting like big kids (at Disneyland) and shopping! Obviously we had to do some shopping, being in Paris and all.
On our first full day we went on a cruise along the River Seine, where we could hop on and hop off as many times as we liked. We saw the Notre Dame, the ‘Love Lock’ bridge, The Louvre and so many other lovely places and sights. We actually climbed the Eiffel Tower… well… I got half way up and had a slight panic attack, so we didn’t go any higher. I’m not a fan of heights or elevators. I mean.. I have a huge fear of both. I was really proud of myself for getting as high as I did though!
On our second day, we travelled to Disneyland.. and it was everything I dreamed it would be! I am the worlds biggest disney fan, so going there, was like a dream come true. I loved everything about it, the parks, the shops, the restaurants and the rides, The teacups are a firm favourite of mine 🙂 We acted like big kids for the day, and we loved it.
On our last day in the beautiful city, we shopped! We hit Forever 21, City Pharm, Zara and of course Sephora. We picked up some lovely purchases, some which I will show you in my next post, so keep your eyes peeled 😉
We stayed at the beautiful Hotel Chaplain Rive Gauche, in the Rue Jules Chaplain area. Situated on Boulevard Raspail, full of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. The metro was also about a 30 seconds walk away, that took you to all the key metro stations in the City. The hotel was a lovely boutique, with free mini bar (pop and water), cleaned thoroughly every day and also had free wifi. I could’t recommend this hotel enough, it was in the perfect location.
i hope you guys have enjoyed reading about my amazing trip to Paris, I really can’t recommend the city enough. It’s beautiful. I’d love to hear about your guys trips to Paris or ANY city breaks!

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