Burt’s Bees Radiance Eye Cream | Review

As bad as it sounds, I always, always, always forget to apply eye cream. I have no idea why, it just slips my mind! So when I received this lovely little pot of eye cream goodness from Burt’s Bees. I made a promise to myself to use it everyday in my skincare routine.
I apply a ring finger sized blob (if that makes absolutely any sense at all..) underneath my eye, and pat it all around my eye socket. It really helps hydrate and refresh my eyes, leaving them looking and feeling really soft.
I remember on one occasion, during the night, I got something in my eye and through rubbing it so much my eye was really swollen and red underneath. So in the morning, I applied a liberal amount of this to my eye and within 20-30 minutes my eye was almost back to normal! It really helped to cool down, and de-puff my eye area.
Before using this product, I used to have quite dark circle under my eyes, but since applying the creme every morning, they are definitely less noticeable and my eyes feel a lot more awake. 
This creme has definitely made it easier to stick to my promise, and it has a firm slot in my morning routine.

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